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Digitization & Micrographic Facility

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Digitization & Micrographic Facility - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digitization & Micrographic Facility. Facility and Staffing. Based in St. Mary’s County, MD, our lab has been providing high quality conversion services since 1985. Production – 13,500 Sq. Ft. Digitization Micropublishing Warehouse – 24,500 Sq. Ft.

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Facility and Staffing

  • Based in St. Mary’s County, MD, our lab has been providing high quality conversion services since 1985.
  • Production – 13,500 Sq. Ft.
    • Digitization
    • Micropublishing
  • Warehouse – 24,500 Sq. Ft.
digitization what is it
Digitization: What is it?
  • Digitization isn’t just scanning
    • it’s creating an accurate digital representation of the original analog content.
  • Digitization demands high quality and value.
    • digitized content must be preserved in a format that meets the expectations for quality, usability, compatibility, and longevity.
      • If the original source documents are lost or destroyed, will the digital version be suitable as a replacement?
    • The digital content’s quality reflects on the owner.
    • Digital content should add value to its analog counterpart.
  • Digitization is a process, not an event.
project considerations cost drivers
Project Considerations & Cost Drivers
  • What file format – PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc?
  • What resolution – 200 dpi, 300 dpi, etc.?
  • Do you require any form of image cleanup and enhancement?
  • What quality level is required? Will you OCR the images or just send them out for keying?
  • How much material will be scanned?
  • What is your turnaround requirement?
  • Average size of the documents (W x H x Thickness)?
  • Does the size vary greatly or are they fairly consistent?
  • Are the documents rare and irreplaceable?
  • Are the bindings fragile and subject to cracking apart?
  • What is the condition of the pages – thin, brittle, yellowed, bleed-through?
  • Average pages per document?
  • Are sample documents available for a pilot?
digitization process steps
Digitization Process Steps
  • Document Control: Document inventory and organization
  • Image Capture:
    • Customer defines reasonable quality expectations
    • 300-600 DPI in TIFF, JPEG
  • Image Cleanup: rotation, de-skew, cropping
  • Image Enhancement: brightness, contrast, edge sharpening, bitonal, grayscale, color conversion, text centering, de-speckling
  • Image Segmentation: retain document boundaries and capture metadata within the document
  • OCR
    • Industry leading OCR engines
    • "Voting" OCR technology
  • Searchable PDFs
    • Optimized with lossless or lossy compression
    • “Fast Web View” enabled
  • Metadata: Provide descriptive, technical, and structural metadata in XML format
security and preservation
Security and Preservation
  • Security at LexisNexis
    • Proximity badge access for all employees.
    • Restricted access in secure areas of the building.
    • 24x7 security monitoring.
  • Micrographic Archiving and Reproduction
    • Capture source documents on silver halide microfilm (camera master)
    • Produce print master from camera master
    • Produce customer orders from print master
    • Archive camera masters on-site in secured vault.
    • Archive duplicate print masters at Iron Mountain.
    • Maintain an inventory of the print masters stored at Iron Mountain.
unique advantages of the st mary s facility
Unique Advantages of the St. Mary’s Facility
  • The process and quality are customized and driven by the customer’s content.
  • LexisNexis uses State-of-the-Art equipment to produce the quality that meets our customers’ needs.
  • LexisNexis uses innovative imaging software technology.
  • Our people make the difference. LexisNexis assigns a dedicated team to your project who are knowledgeable, responsive, and flexible.
  • LexisNexis utilizes Lean Manufacturing principles for developing a workflow process that delivers the highest quality, value, and efficiency.
  • Our experience and quality are our reputation.
    • Decades of experience filming and scanning historic and rare collections
      • NARA, Senate Library, Library of Congress, Supreme Court R&B
      • Jenkins Law Library – PA Court System R&B
      • LexisNexis OSD project
      • Presidential Libraries – FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Carter.
      • Thomas Edison Papers Parts 1 though 5, Clara Barton Papers, and the Garrison Family Papers
      • Digitization of US Serial Set collection, CRDC, and Congressional Hearings
  • The California, MD facility is also a Kodak Certified Micrographic Lab.
benefits of scanning with a kirtas
Benefits of Scanning with a Kirtas
  • Safe for Books & Pages
  • Smart Cradle optimizespositioning for
    • Minimal binding stress
    • Keeps pages in same position
  • Sure Turn™ single page pick-up, gentler than the human hand
    • No page bending
    • Turns on binding
  • Automated and manual page turning in one system
    • For loose or torn pages
    • For foldouts
  • 300-450 dpi
  • 2 cameras
  • Dual processors
  • RoHS compliant
kirtas cradle and robotic technology
Kirtas Cradle and Robotic Technology

Sure Turn Page Turner

Combines advanced vacuum and robotic technology for gentle page turning

Smart CradleV-shaped for gentle support, maintains 110° angle, adjusts to keep pages in same photo plane during scanning

  • 2,400 pages per hour
  • Book Sizes: From 115 x 180mm to 260 x 350mm
  • Up to 100mm thick

Air flow controls to cause page separation and lift for the robotic vacuum head

james a rumple vp of imaging manufacturing
James A. RumpleVP of Imaging & Manufacturing

Jim Rumple has nearly 40 years experience in the publishing industry. His career includes 30 years with University Microfilms, Inc. of Ann Arbor, MI, a leader in micropublishing periodicals, newspapers, doctoral dissertations, and rare book collections. His progressively increasing responsibilities included Production Control Manager, Operations Manager, and Manager of Advanced Document Manufacturing.

In 1999 Jim joined LexisNexis (Congressional Information Service) as Vice President of Imaging and Manufacturing at the California, MD micrographic and imaging lab where he is responsible for the micrographic, distribution, and digitization operations. He has worked to transform the operation from analog photography to digital imaging and emphasizes lean manufacturing methodologies. The St. Mary’s plant has digitized several microfiche collections including US Serial Set (10M pages), Congressional Record, and Congressional Hearings (25M pages).

Jim earned a BS degree from Eastern Michigan University in 1992. He holds current memberships in AIIM, and The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME)

lukman bazarah senior manager of operations
Lukman BazarahSenior Manager of Operations

Lukman Bazarah’s remarkable 29-year career in microfilm and digital imaging continues to keep LexisNexis as a leading force in the preservation of historical documents and digital imaging sector of the information technology industry.

Beginning his career as a Camera Operator in 1979, he worked his way through every aspect of Micrographic technology while gaining vast experience and knowledge of all aspects of leading edge information and digitization technologies.

As the Senior Manager of Operations, Lukman oversees a multi-million dollar revenue stream while leading the operations of camera mastering, electronic imaging, duplication, finishing shipping, and plant facilities.

A certified Microsoft recipient and alumnus of CSM, Lukman is a continuous change agent who is a member of AIIM and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence that challenges his managers to excel across current industry trends and brings proven successes to the LexisNexis Academic team.

micah calloway electronic imaging manager
Micah CallowayElectronic Imaging Manager

Micah Calloway is a career leadership professional dedicated to introducing and applying the latest technologies of image digitization and incorporating lean initiatives to maximize organizational and workflow efficiency while providing solutions to customers’ needs. Micah has over 10 years of information technology experience with seven years directly associated to digitization, data archiving, image capture, image processing and quality control, optical character recognition, and information management.

Micah has led the digitization production of many successful LexisNexis online products. His proven vision and versatility led the way to digitizing approximately 10 million pages for the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection and 4 million pages for the Congressional Research Digital Collection. In 2007, Micah’s department digitized 18 million pages for the Congressional Hearings Digital Collection with an averaged 92% OCR confidence level. His team continues to digitize new content for both Congressional products and has been partnered with the Total Practice Solutions group for the last two years to digitize content for Lexis.com.

A Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and alumnus of CSM, Micah is a continuous change leader who stays ahead of current industry trends and brings proven successes to the LexisNexis Academic team. Micah is a member of AIIM and the Association for Manufacturing Excellence.

janet speaker camera mastering manager
Janet SpeakerCamera Mastering Manager

Janet Speaker is a career leadership professional and advocate of a lean and six-sigma environment with the vision, enthusiasm, and dedication to continuous workflow improvements by inspiring and teaching teams the mastery of problem-solving and, the art of versatility and positive change. As a the Camera Mastering department leader for manufacturing and operations management, she has proven expertise in Lean methodologies, Kaizen initiatives, strategic planning, cycle time reductions, personnel management, and performance assessments. Janet is a high-energy individual who is committed to providing a quality product with efficiency when preserving sensitive historical documents and, digitizing new projects.

During her time with LexisNexis, Janet has developed, implemented and streamlined processes and procedures that has facilitated noticeable improvements and allowed for additional projects. Last year, Janet’s team was credited with producing over 35 historical preservation products (Thomas Edison, Special Studies- Iraq, African Americans in the Military…) and over 58,000 new print masters.

An alumnus of the University of Maryland University College at College Park, Janet holds her Bachelor of Science in Criminology. She is a member of the AIIM and Association for Manufacturing Excellence organizations. She has over 18 years of leadership experience and continues to use lean principles to promote growth and introduce new technology.