agusuhin reef coral relocation project l.
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Agusuhin Reef Coral Relocation Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Agusuhin Reef Coral Relocation Project

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Agusuhin Reef Coral Relocation Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agusuhin Reef Coral Relocation Project Wildlife In Need Subic Bay Dive Association 6 July 2006 Environmental Perspective The bay is under stress from major projects and increased development. It makes sense that remediation should focus on protecting the water

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agusuhin reef coral relocation project

Agusuhin Reef Coral Relocation Project

Wildlife In Need Subic Bay Dive Association

6 July 2006

environmental perspective
Environmental Perspective
  • The bay is under stress from major projects and
  • increased development. It makes sense that
  • remediation should focus on protecting the water
  • quality of the bay
  • Corporate responsibility dictates that remediation
  • efforts accompany major projects
  • Government (SBMA Ecology/DENR) has authority to
  • mandate remediation rehabilitation activities
  • SBMA Ecology has said the corals of Agusuhin should be
  • moved before dredging can commence

Ecology Asked For Help

  • Subic Bay Dive Association – Diving support
  • Wildlife In Need – Marine animal rescue
  • Ocean Adventure – Technicians and Logistics
  • Eco-Rescue Foundation – Additional divers

Subic Bay Dive Association

  • Committed to Subic Bay Conservation
  • Commercially dependant upon:
  • Good water quality
  • Well preserved marine habitats

Subic Bay Dive Association

  • Diving resources
  • Boats
  • Dive gear
  • Skilled Divers
  • Professional Diving Standards
  • Willing to Help!

Johan’s Adventure Diving

IDESS Maritime Training Centre

Blue Rock Dive Resort

SBMA Ecology Center

Subic Bay Aqua Sports

Subic Bay Yacht Club

Participating SBDA Members


Wildlife In Need

  • BFAR
  • Marine Mammal Stranding Network Development
  • Marine Animal Rescue
  • DENR
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Program
  • Wildlife Rescue Center

Wildlife In Need

  • Administers/Implements Int’l. Grants
  • Sea World Bush Gardens Conservation Fund

3 grants (US)

  • Rufford Conservation Grants (UK)
  • Royal Society for the Prevention

of Cruelty to Animals (UK)

  • Chicago Board of Trade in Endangered

Species / Brookfield Zoo (US)


Ocean Adventure

  • Expertise
  • Marine Biology
  • Diving Operations
  • Marine Specimen Collection and Transport
  • Logistics and Operations Coordination

Ocean Adventure

  • Relevant Credentials & Affiliations
  • United Nations Environmental Programme Project Green Fins
  • Reef Check (Phils)
  • SBMA Environment Award Winner
  • BFAR Marine Mammal Rescue Center
  • DENR Wildlife Rescue Center


  • ECORESCUE (ER) is a Philippine-based non-profit, non-governmental organization composed of groups of environmentalists borne out of

several years of implementing progressive conservation and

environmental programs

  • They have a database of 1000 Divers that helped on the Calatagan
  • Artificial Reef Project
  • Presently they are very active in the 100 Islands Marine Preserve
  • Have offered to provide divers to save corals on Agusuhin Reef!

Project Scope

  • Agusuhin Patch Reef [180 m x 300 m]
  • 20% coverage by corals (Hanjin EIS)
  • 1 hectare (10,000 m2 ) of coral to be moved
  • A single diver can move a single 0.250m2 coral head at a time and 10 pieces per dive
  • One dive = 2.5 m2

Project Scope

  • 4,000 dives would move all 10,000m2 originally estimated
  • Recent surveys estimate 65% of live corals remaining
  • 1,000 dives will save about 35-40% of remaining corals
  • Select for bio-diversity and potential to survive

Note: Original scope estimate of 1,000 dives is based on time



Diving Activity Estimate

  • Small coral Relocation
  • 375 dives for collecting the small corals
  • 375 to replant in preserve
  • Larger coral heads
  • Difficult to estimate
  • Each coral may require a greater or lesser number of dives and divers
  • 250 dives can be allocated to this task under the budget submittal


  • The Trident Cross Barge to be rigged with an A Frame to lift larger corals


  • Dive boats


  • Dive boats


  • Transport Boats

Coral Transport Methods

  • Collect corals plastic bins
  • Bins raised by line
  • Small corals transported on outrigger trampoline
  • Corals remain wet
  • Not immersed in toxic buildup of exudates
  • Time out of water must be minimized
  • Gentle Handling is critical

Coral Transport Methods

  • Most transport of corals

can be done on the MV Kalayaan on days where we have a minimum of 20 divers

  • This will significantly speed up coral relocation efforts

Coral Transport Methods

  • The garbage mechanism can be used to move corals out of the water

Coral Replanting Methods

  • Input from coral expert required to place corals
  • Some corals need to be cemented in place
  • Site must be protected
  • Core SBMA Marine Preserve is ideal location
  • Nabasan Reef
  • Camayan Reef
  • Hidden Beach (alternate site)

Scientific Advisors

  • Lem Arigones Phd
    • Marine Ecologist
  • Domingo Ochavillo Phd
    • Reef Fish Biologist
  • Rex Montelbon Phd candidate
    • Corals Specialist

Projected Costs

Initial Survey of Agusuhin Reef and potential relocation sites

June 30th, 2006

(Already started)

Coral Relocation

July 8th - August 15th, 2006

For a period of 5 years

Relocated Reef Monitoring

Note: Schedule based onweather permitting!


Cost Benefit Summary

  • Observing the requirements of Philippine law will spare Hanjin of heavy penalties
  • Undertaking this project will give Hanjin and SBMA a positive public corporate image of having achieved “The largest coral relocation project in the country”
  • Sponsoring the WIN/SBDA Coral Relocation Project will promote the concept of community spirit towards the conservation of the Subic Bay Ecosystem
  • Undertaking the project will advance the scientific techniques of coral reef management and remediation

Cost Benefit Summary

  • Normal commercial rates for a project requiring this level of expertise are typically 3 times higher
  • Wildlife In Need and the members of The Subic Bay Dive Association are providing valuable services as a donation “in kind”