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Gaius Julius Caesar

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Gaius Julius Caesar. Who is this guy?. Who was Julius Caesar?. The most powerful man in Rome An accomplished scholar and writer A gifted statesman A military strategist A soldier of remarkable ability. Early Life. 100 BC: Born on the 13 th of Quintilis (July)

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gaius julius caesar

Gaius Julius Caesar

Who is this guy?

who was julius caesar
Who was Julius Caesar?
  • The most powerful man in Rome
  • An accomplished scholar and writer
  • A gifted statesman
  • A military strategist
  • A soldier of remarkable ability
early life
Early Life
  • 100 BC: Born on the 13th of Quintilis (July)
    • Had many relatives with government influence
    • Relatives got him some important assignments in his youth
military man
Military Man
  • 80 BC: Caesar honored for bravery in battle
    • Captured by pirates while traveling
    • Relatives paid for his ransom & he was released
    • Caesar recruited his own troops
      • Captured the pirates
      • Had the pirates executed
  • 74 BC: Participated in war against Mithradates VI
    • Held a series of political offices afterwards
a roman consul
A Roman Consul
  • Became a consul (one of two) in 59 BC
  • 60 BC: Formed an alliance with Pompey and Crassus to rule Rome—Called the “First Triumvirate”
  • 49 BC: Crassus died
    • Pompey controlled Southern

Italy and Rome

    • Caesar controlled the

North of Italy

  • Relations between Pompey and Caesar deteriorate after Crassus died
    • Caesar appointed Dictator of Rome
    • Crossed the Rubicon, river that divided Italy
    • Civil War begins
  • 48 BC: Caesar defeats Pompey at Pharsalus
    • Pompey is later murdered in Egypt
    • Caesar reappointed Dictator of Rome
the roman dictator
The Roman Dictator
  • 48 BC: Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, gives birth to Caesar’s son, Caesarion
  • 46 BC: Caesar reappointed as Dictator
  • 44 BC: Caesar named Dictator for Life
  • 44 BC: Caesar assassinated by conspirators on the 15th of March (“The Ides of March”)
caesar as a person
Caesar as a Person
  • Caesar wanted to win the favor of the people
  • Threw lavish parties for influential people
  • His military prowess made him popular
mr nice guy
Mr. Nice Guy?
  • Felt he was the one to make a change in the existing, corrupt government
  • Sometimes resorted to political bullying
  • Increasingly used physical intimidation and violence
  • Said to have a short fuse and disliked people who disagreed with him.
earliest biographer said he
Earliest Biographer said he…
  • Was an imposing, energetic man
  • Had a magnetic personality
  • Had a remarkably alert mind
  • Was tall and good-looking, liked to dress well
  • Didn’t like to show weakness
    • Premature baldness
    • Migraines
    • Epileptic siezures
  • His life was brief, just 56 years
  • In 85 BC, when Caesar was just sixteen, he became the head of the family when his father died suddenly while putting on his shoes one morning, without any apparent cause.
  • Caesar and Cleopatra were romantically involved for 14 years but could not marry, because she was Queen of Egypt and under Roman law, marriage was only allowed between two Roman citizens.
  • His reign of Rome was just five years, from 49 BC to 44 BC
  • Caesar is considered to be one of the greatest military strategists and tacticians in history, along with Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, General George S. Patton, General George Washington, and Field Marshall Erich von Manstein.