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Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar. WARM UPS. Act I, scene i. What triumph are the common people of Rome celebrating as the play opens? How do the commoners feel about Caesar? Why are the government officials irritated with the commoners and how they feel? How does Shakespeare add humor to this scene?.

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Presentation Transcript
act i scene i
Act I, scene i
  • What triumph are the common people of Rome celebrating as the play opens?
  • How do the commoners feel about Caesar? Why are the government officials irritated with the commoners and how they feel?
  • How does Shakespeare add humor to this scene?
act i scene ii
Act I, scene ii
  • Explain Antony’s role in the Feast of Lupercal.
  • Why does Caesar want a son?
  • What is the soothsayer’s warning?
  • How does Brutus feel about Caesar?
  • Name two physical weaknesses of Caesar that are described by Cassius.
  • Which lines show that Caesar is suspicious of Cassius?
  • What physical handicap does Caesar reveal about himself?
  • Describe Caesar’s refusal of the crown.
  • Define anachronism. Give three examples from the play.
  • What is Cassius’ final plan to win Brutus to the conspiracy?
act i scene iii
Act I, Scene iii
  • How much time has elapsed between scenes 2 & 3?
  • Casca says the threatening weather is a result of the anger of the gods over what?
  • What does Cassius threaten to do if Caesar is crowned king?
  • Why are Cassius and the other conspirators so eager to have Brutus join them?
act ii scene i
Act II, Scene i
  • What is Brutus’ reason for joining the conspiracy?
  • Why is Lucius unable to recognize the conspirators?
  • Why does Brutus object to the conspirators taking an oath?
  • Why does Brutus veto the suggestions to include Cicero?
  • Why is Brutus’ objection to killing Marc Anthony at the same time?
  • What is the conspirators’ final plan of action?
  • Why is Portia worried about her husband?
  • How has Portia proven that she can stand pain and exercise self-control as well as any man?
act ii scene ii
Act II, Scene ii
  • Quote the six lines in this scene which show Caesar’s courage in refusing to fear death.
  • Vividly describe Calpurnia’s dream.
  • Why does Calpurnia beg Caesar not to leave the house this day?
  • How does Decius interpret Calpurnia’s dream?
  • Give two ways in which Decius convinces Caesar to go to the Capitol.
act ii scene iii
Act II, Scene iii
  • What does Artemidorus plan to do with the list containing the names of the conspirators? Find text evidence to support.
act ii scene iv
Act II, Scene iv
  • How does the reader know that Portia has been told the details of the conspirator’s plot? Find text evidence to support.
act iii scene i
Act III, Scene i
  • After Caesar arrives at the Capitol, what two incidents cause the conspirators to fear that their plans may go wrong?
  • What excuse do the conspirators give for crowding around Caesar?
  • Who is the first to stab Caesar? Why is this significant?
  • What is the reaction of the Senators to Caesar’s assassination?
  • Why are Caesar’s dying words especially dramatic?
  • How do the conspirators show their mutual responsibility for Caesar’s death?
  • Why is Cassius worried about Brutus’ promise to allow Mark Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral?
  • Why is Brutus willing to let Antony speak at Caesar’s funeral?
  • What does Antony prophesy for the Roman Empire?
act iii scene ii
Act III, Scene ii
  • In his speech, does Brutus appeal principally to the people’s intellect of their emotions?
  • How do the citizens’ comments show their loyalty changes after just one speech?
  • In his oration, how does Antony describe the assassins?
  • Why is Antony’s pause when he stops to look at Caesar’s body particularly effective?
  • Why does Antony uncover the bloody, mutilated body of Caesar?
  • How does he say that Caesar has died?
  • Describe the mood of the crowd at the end of Antony’s oration.
act iii scene iii
Act III, Scene iii
  • Why is Cinna out on the streets?
  • What is the excuse the mob uses to kill Cinna?
act iv scene i
Act IV, Scene i
  • At the beginning of Act IV, what are Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus discussing?
  • Describe the triumvirate and their relationship.
act iv scene ii
Act IV, Scene ii
  • What is Brutus’ present attitude towards Cassius?

Find text evidence to support.

act iv scene iii
Act IV, Scene iii
  • How does the arrival of the poet help end the conflict between Cassius and Brutus?
  • What do we learn about Portia? What is Brutus’ reaction to this?
  • What is the significance of the ghost’s promise to see Brutus at Philippi?
  • What does Caesar’s ghost symbolize?
act v scenes i v
Act V, Scenes i-v
  • What news does the messenger bring about Octavius and Antony?
  • What is Cassius’ complaint about the battle?
  • Identify and analyze the archetypal heroic qualities that Cassius shows.
  • What does Cassius think has happened to Titinius?
  • What error has led to Cassius’ and Titinius’ death?
  • What does Brutus ask of his servants?

“He is a wolf among sheep and a lion among deer.”

Think about the conspirators view of Caesar.

  • What do these slurs about Caesar mean?
  • Explain with a piece of textual evidence and your own commentary.
quickwrite quote analysis
Quickwrite: Quote Analysis

“Judge, O you Gods, how dearly Caesar loved him! This was the most unkindest cut of all”

  • Explain what it means.

“To you our swords have leaden points; do receive you with all kind of love, good thoughts, and reverence.”

  • Explain what it means.
  • Now make an assumption about how these two quotes could make Antony’s plan so deceptive.
quickwrite waiting is the hardest part
Quickwrite: Waiting is the Hardest Part

Brutus hasn’t slept since he first thought about Caesar’s assassination. The time between conceiving a horrible act and the execution of an act is stressful, and can be a nightmare.

Have you ever had to wait before doing something you did not want to do?

Write one paragraph.


Do you think Brutus should be honest with his wife about what is bothering him, or should he keep it a secret? Why or why not?

quickwrite the big question
Quickwrite: The BIG Question
  • To what extent does experience determine what we perceive?
    • Give two examples of situations in which Brutus expects others to act honorable and they fail to do so.
    • What is the outcome of each situation?
    • What do these situations suggest about Brutus’ view of himself and the world?