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Elementary Statistics – STAT196 (STAT130 equated) Beijing, China PowerPoint Presentation
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Elementary Statistics – STAT196 (STAT130 equated) Beijing, China

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Elementary Statistics – STAT196 (STAT130 equated) Beijing, China - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elementary Statistics – STAT196 (STAT130 equated) Beijing, China May 15 – June 5, 2008 Central University of Nationalities, Beijing, China Course: Advanced Elementary Statistics Place: The Central University of Nationalities, Beijing, China

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Presentation Transcript

Elementary Statistics – STAT196

(STAT130 equated)

Beijing, China

May 15 – June 5, 2008

Central University of Nationalities, Beijing, China


Course: Advanced Elementary Statistics

Place: The Central University of Nationalities,

Beijing, China

Time: Thursday, May 15 – Thursday, June 5, 2008


 Studying STAT196 (Stat130 equated) courses,

 Learning High education in China and Chinese culture,

Developing international study experience,

Learning basic Chinese language,

Visiting many famous historical sites in Beijing area,

Visiting the stadiums of 2008 Olympic Games,

Making new friends, and

Enjoying Chinese food.


Tips of Beijing

Beijing is the capital city of China, which has a total of over 15 million residents and is growing with 4.3% per year.

There are about 80 public colleges/universities including the most famous Peking university and Tsinghua university. In addition, there are about the same number of private schools in Beijing, and this number is growing year by year.

About 110,000 foreign students, from 173 countries, are studying in China now. This number is growing with 25% per year .

120,000 foreigners are working in China now including many American. The number of foreigners working in Beijing increased by 30% last year.


Do you know?

Almost all major US economic/business companies have a cooperation with China such as electronics, textile industry, agriculture, aeronautics, ……

Millions of Americans are working on projects that have a relationship with China. Many of those people travel back and forth between the United States and China.

In the near future, China will be one of the most important strategic partners of the United States in the world. Based on the CCTV news, December 12, 06, the sum of the economic growth of US and China took almost one half of the whole world economic growth!

Opportunity is every thing! Hope through this trip, you get to know Chinese culture, education, economy, sports, ……. Hopefully, this trip can provide you a foundation for your future opportunities. Maybe you will find a job with a company that has business with China. Maybe some day, you are one of the businessmen on the airplane traveling between US and China.


A map of Beijing

Pink: Downtown Beijing and special districts

Green: Suburb of Beijing


The Central University for Nationalities (CUN) is a top level Chinese university. It has about 20,000 students. Hundreds of foreign students including American students are studying at CUN.

CUN will do their best to make our journey colorful, fruitful, and enjoyable in Beijing.

We will visit the main scenes of Beijing during the weekends and spare time.

Hope the following pictures can help you to learn a little about the historical sites and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games……


The largest carved marble with nine dragons and clouds

-- allocated in the center of the Forbidden City


The Tower of Great Fortune

-- the main building of the Summer Palace


The Long Corridor –

full of paintings along the hundreds of meters walking way.


6. Tiananmen Square

In fact, the Tianan Gate is the main tower and entrance of the Forbidden City


Tiananmen Square as seen from the Tian'an Gate

-- it is large enough for a million people’s gathering


There are much more historical relics. If time permits, we will be visiting other sites, too.

We will also visit…..


8. Beijing Zoo

-- one of the largest Zoological Gardens in the world


Ancient Architecture Museum

Beijing Nature museum

Beijing Traditional Opera Museum

Beijing Capital museum

Museums in Beijing, such as…..


Shopping centers are allocated everywhere in Beijing. Chang An Jie street is one of the famous streets in Beijing. Millions of travelers visited here every year……


Olympic Stadium I

– the main stadium, named “Bird’s nest”


There are much more new facilities for the XXIX Olympic Games. Hope this Olympic Games will be the best, most successful, and the common dream of the world.

You will enjoy the wonderful buildings and Olympic friendship.


Developing international programs is part of UW-System’s mission. Cross campus cooperation may do a better job. Students from all UW campuses are welcome.

You are encouraged to study this course in Beijing. This activity may give you international experience and new opportunities in the future.

Let me know if you have any question or need further information.