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Eat Better & Move More PowerPoint Presentation
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Eat Better & Move More

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Eat Better & Move More
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Eat Better & Move More

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  1. Eat Better & Move More

  2. What Are We Doing Now? • Meadville Senior Center – Prime Time Health program • Chair/Video Exercise: Senior fitness videos used • Chi Kung: a form of Tai Chi • Fitness Fun: walking, stretching, and resistance exercises • PEPPI: a weight resistance and walking program • Tai Chi: improves balance, strengthens muscles and bones • Exercise Machine Sessions: treadmills, stationary bikes, and strength training machine • Smile Exercise: Chair exercises for flexibility and strength training • Yoga: slow movement stretches to promote flexibility and strength • Dance classes: Ballroom Dance, Line Dance, and Tap Dance

  3. What Are We Doing Now? • Lakeland Senior Center • Low impact aerobics with weight training • Tai Chi • Cambridge Senior Center • Exercise Equipment

  4. Why Is There a Need For a Health Initiative in Crawford County? • In Crawford County 68% of residents are overweight or obese and this has serious health consequences. • In 2002 in Crawford County 40% of residents had hypertension, and 43% of residents had high cholesterol.

  5. What Will Be Done? • The HealthierUS initiative was launched by Bush in 2002 to encourage Americans to: • Be physically Active • Many chronic diseases can be prevented with modest exercise, in some cases as simple as walking for half an hour daily.

  6. HealthierUS Initiative • Eat a healthy diet • Americans should make simple adjustments to their diet and avoid excessive portions. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is a central part of a healthier diet. • In July we will be starting our new Senior Center healthier lunches

  7. HealthierUS Initiative • Get Preventive Screenings • A simple test like a cholesterol screen or a blood pressure check can reveal current health status and identify a need to adjust diet or behavior. • Make Healthy Choices • Avoid tobacco and drugs as well as the abuse of alcohol, and make smart and safe choices in your everyday life

  8. So…Steps to Healthy Aging was Born! • National Competetive Grant Opportunity- 10 winners out of 106 applicants

  9. Steps to Healthy Aging; Eat Better & Move More • It is the portion of the initiative that was developed for Older Americans Act nutrition programs • Designed to fit the interests and needs of older adults who want to maintain their quality of life

  10. What Steps to Healthy Aging Includes • 12 weekly sessions • Focus on a different aspect of nutrition and physical activity each week • Includes “mini talks”, activities, resources and a “Tips and Tasks” sheet • Each participant receives a step counter, and is asked to record their daily number of steps on their “Tips and Tasks” sheet. Each week they will set a new step goal for themselves, increasing their average number of steps by 10%

  11. What Active Aging Will Do • A national pilot study of this project held at the Meadville, Cambridge, and Linesville Senior Centers. • This project is in partnership with Meadville Medical’s Mind and Body Wellness Center. Their excellent staff and dietitians have implemented Weigh to Go Crawford County for the past two years.

  12. July–August Enrollment • Orientation Luncheons • Meadville: August 18th at noon, Evening- August 11th at 5:30 • Linesville: August 9th at noon • Cambridge- August 5th at noon • Information and sign-up at all special events • Goal: 150 people to participate!

  13. Class Times • Meadville: Thursdays at 11:00am • from Sept. 16th to Dec. 9th • Meadville Evenings: Wednesdays at 5:30pm • from Sept. 22nd to Dec. 8th • Linesville: Wednesdays at 10:45am • from Sept. 15th to Dec. 1st • Cambridge: Mondays at 8:30am • from Sept. 13th to Nov. 29th

  14. What Will Be Covered In the Program? So…

  15. Weeks 1-2 • Week 1: • Orientation • Eating Better for Health • Nutrition questionnaires will be distributed • Week 2: • Walking More • Distribution and explanation of step counters

  16. Weeks 3-4 • Weeks 3-4: Eating Better • Discussion of the importance of having 5 colorful fruits and vegetables a day • Weeks 3-4: Moving More • Increase step goal by 10% • Discuss the importance of stretching, and teach participants three simple stretches and three easy movements

  17. Weeks 5-6 • Weeks 5-6: Eating Better • Talk about 3-a-day for calcium and the importance of calcium as part of a healthy diet • Moving More • Week 5: Explain how someone knows if they are working hard enough or working too hard when doing exercises. • Week 6: Explain that weight bearing exercise such as walking reduces bone loss and helps prevent osteoporosis • Calculate new step goal

  18. Weeks 7-8 • Weeks 7-8: Eating Better • Explanation on the importance of fiber and how much is needed daily • Share tips on adding more fiber to the diet • Moving More • Week 7: Discuss tips and strategies for walking in all types of weather. • Week 8: Explanation that exercise along with diet helps keep a person regular and also helps with sleep • Set a new step goal

  19. Weeks 9-10 • Weeks 9-10: Eating Better • Discuss healthy portion sizes • Moving More • Week 9: Explain the importance of good posture and have them practice walking with proper posture • Week 10: Stress the importance of being at a healthy weight to help prevent chronic diseases often associated with obesity, and how physical activity can help • Recalculate step goal

  20. Weeks 11-12 • Week 11: Eating Better • Discuss the Food Guide Pyramid and analyze the meal that was served that day • Week 11: Moving More • Give ideas on how to add steps each day both in home and away from the home • Calculate step goal • Week 12: Celebrate Success! • Help participants make plans to continue Eating Better and Moving More!

  21. Do You Have Any Questions? Sign up today! For more information call us at 333-1792 or 1800-321-7705