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PRESENTATION of touristic SIM-card “SIMTRAVEL” One mutual cellular phone number for more than 160 countries Incoming calls in 60 countries – free of charge No subscription fee and no charge for connection No expiration About the Product

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of touristic SIM-card


  • One mutual cellular phone number for more than 160 countries
  • Incoming calls in 60 countries – free of charge
  • No subscription fee and no charge for connection
  • No expiration
about the product
About the Product

SIMTRAVEL — regular SIM-card for use with mobile phones in GSM and 3G networks, supports all regular functions and operations.

SIMTRAVELstart package includes SIM-card with phone number (international code +372), detailed user’s guide in Russian as well as start balance.

SIM-card SIMTRAVEL does not have a subscription fee and expiration date that would block card from further use.

SIM-card SIMTRAVEL will significantly help to decrease mobile telecommunication expenses abroad for tourists and businessmen, whose operations include constant traveling.

general information
General Information
  • Touristic SIM-card SIMTRAVELfunctions in more than 160 countries of the world.
  • Incoming calls in 60 countries all around the world – free of charge!In these countries it is possible to receive incoming calls even, if your mobile balance is zero.
  • Incoming calls in 45 countries as low as 10 to 25 cents.
  • Balance check free of charge.
  • 24/7 customer service in Russia for SIMTRAVEL subscribers.
  • Permanent, united phone number in 160 countries of the world.
specifics of simtravel
Specifics ofSIMTRAVEL
  • Minute tariff plan
  • Incoming short text messages – free of charge
  • Estonian phone number (incoming call from Russia is considered international call)
  • Outgoing calls function by call-back method (outgoing request switches to incoming). Tariff applies to call after connection with the call recipient, there is NO charge applicable for connection.
  • Cost of outgoing short text messages is united in all SIMTRAVEL supporting countries — 40 cents per message.
advantages comparing to local sim card operators
Advantages comparing to local SIM-card operators
  • It is not necessary anymore to obtain new SIM-card every time you travel.
  • Outgoing calls to Russia are cheaper than provided by local operators of mobile telecommunication.
  • It’s not necessary to inform relatives and friends of new phone number every time you go abroad (they already know, if you are traveling they have to dial your special travel phone number, either for those who don’t know how to reach you leave a voice greeting indicating your international SIMTRAVEL phone number).
  • Comparing to local operators SIMTRAVEL provides Instruction and technical support in Russian.
advantages comparing to local sim card operators7
Advantages comparing to local SIM-card operators
  • Costs of incoming calls and SMS are equal zero rate either are significantly lower comparing to other operators.Difference of expenses is very big and purchase of SIMTRAVEL would have impact on your budget even, if you went abroad only once. SIMTRAVEL reduces the amount of money you spend on telecommunication abroad.
  • When using Russian SIM-cards it is necessary to apply for international roaming service, for instance there has to be specific amount of balance on the card usually as much as 100 dollars, as soon as balance decreases to 50 dollars service is unavailable (depending on tariff plan).
quality of connection
Quality of Connection

Nonetheless in addition to other advantages SIMTRAVEL provides excellent connection quality. When traveling connection to network operator is established automatically by picking best signal strength provider.This is significant difference and huge advantage of this exact SIM-card. Thanks to this feature you will always be in zone of coverage.

how to renew the balance
How to Renew The Balance

There are few options of SIMTRAVEL balance redeeming:

  • By credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) on siteWWW.SIMTRAVEL.EUfrom any location all over the world, balance will be redeemed automatically exact same moment you’ve made the transaction.
  • By SIMTRAVEL express-payment cards
frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of incoming and outgoing call?

There are two tariff types: for inbound calls and outbound calls. Any incoming call at any time of the day not depending on location of the caller will be charged per tariff of call recipient’s location. Cost of the outgoing call doesn’t depend on the location of the call recipient, whether call recipient is located within the country of your location or in any other country, tariff remains the same. Costs of incoming and outgoing calls per minute are indicated in RUB including taxes. There is NO charge for connection!

2. Where can I find PIN code of the SIM-card?

Four lines on the plastic card SIM-card was attached to, when purchased, are as follows: PIN, PIN 2, PUK, PUK 2 codes.

If PIN code use is disabled, you may enable it by using settings of your cell phone.

3. Starting what moment does charge of the call begins?

As soon as the call recipient has answered the call applies minute tariff countdown.

frequently asked questions11
Frequently Asked Questions

4. How to reach SIMTRAVEL user?

If you are calling from cellular phone, dial: +372 ХХ ХХ ХХ ХХ.

5. What is cost of SMS?

Outgoing SMS costs $0,40, incoming – 0.

6. How to check remaining balance?

Dial 099, either *146*099# and push dial button or check it on In order to check it online, please sign up before.

7. How to activate start balance?

To activate start balance push as follows: *146*098111# and then push the dial button.


In every country SIMTRAVEL has different united tariff for outgoing calls, in all countries SIMTRAVEL tariffs are significantly lower than offered by other operators of roaming and mobile communication.

Incoming calls (t.i. calls you receive abroad in 60 country of the world) are free of charge. This type of service is not offered by any mobile communication operator worldwide. By choosing SIMTRAVEL tariff in the rest of the countries gives great opportunity to save on incoming calls as well.

Tariff applies per minute.

tariffs attachment23
Tariffs (attachment)

More detailed information regarding SIMTRAVEL SIM-card you may always look up on WWW.SIMTRAVEL.EU