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Types of Advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Advertising

Types of Advertising

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Types of Advertising

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  1. Types of Advertising Mrs. Wilson Ryle High School

  2. Q.O.D.----- 2.25.14 • What is advertising? • Are you effected by advertising in any way? If so, how? If not, why?

  3. Advertising • Advertising- PAID message that a business sends to the public • Introduce a new product/service • Attract regular customers to the store • Promote their image

  4. Product Advertising • Product Advertising- • Gives benefits of a specific product or service • May include product info, prices or comparisons to other competitors • Gives customer a reason to buy this product “Phillips light bulbs will save you money on your electricity bill.”

  5. What is a brand? • Brand-all the qualities of a company or product • Includes the name, logo, slogan • Includes attitude towards the product • Example: Coca-Cola what do you think about when I say, “Coca-Cola?” • Is the brand, “cool?” “rebellious?” classic? Dependable?

  6. Survey • In a 2007 survey, 57% of Toyota Prius owners said they bought their Prius because “it makes a statement about me.” • They didn’t buy it because of good gas mileage or looked nice? Right price? • NO!!! They bought it for what the brand represented.

  7. Brand vs. corporate • Brand advertising- advertising that aims to build an image • Gives company personality, image • Corporate Advertising- advertising for a company

  8. Q.O.D.2/10/12 • Explain what the difference between corporate & brand advertising is. • Give an example.

  9. Propaganda • Propaganda- form of communication aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position

  10. Types of Advertising • Bandwagon- persuading a consumer by telling them that others are doing the same thing

  11. Types of Advertising 2. Testimonial- when a product is sold by using words from famous people or an authority figure Example- An example of testimonial is, “Nine out of ten dentists recommend this type of toothpaste”

  12. Types of Advertising 3. Transfer- when a product is sold by the name or picture of a famous person or thing, but no words from the person or thing. Example- Nelly promoting milk.

  13. Types of Advertising 4. Repetition- when the product’s name is repeated at least four times in the ad

  14. Types of Advertising 5. Emotional- when words that will make a consumer feel strongly about someone or something are used Example- Ralph Lauren sells their perfume by showing a romantic love scene and just putting the word “Romance” on the ad.

  15. What type of ad is this?

  16. What type of ad is this? • The ad reads, “Adopt, you will receive more than you ever give.”

  17. Q.O.D. 3.15.10 • What are the 5 types of sales promotions?

  18. Advertising • Product Advertising- paid message used by a business to promote a product or group of products • Institutional Advertising- paid message to promote the business’s image or to create goodwill for the business. • Example- Riverside running an ad congratulating the seniors graduating this year. They aren’t promoting their food.

  19. Institutional Ad

  20. Media • Media- all the methods to get an ad message to the public (you and me) • Examples • Print Media • Broadcast Media • Online Media • Specialty Media

  21. Print Media • Print Media- uses printed material • Examples: • Newspapers- • Magazines • Direct Mail • Billboard

  22. Newspapers • Published or weekly • Advertisements depend on newspaper’s readership (# of people who read the paper each time it comes out) • Small papers (such as Dayton paper) have lower rates than the NY Times.

  23. Q.O.D.3/1/11 • What are the five types of ads? • Give an example of each.

  24. Magazines • Usually monthly or weekly • National regional or local distribution • Example (Sports Illustrated, Kentucky Today, and Dayton Recorder) • Some mags are targeted towards certain group (Example: Home & Garden Mag)

  25. Direct Mail • Any type of ad that is mailed directly to a customer • Letters, catalogs, flyers or coupons • Get your address through mailing list (signing up for a free car in the mall)

  26. Billboards • Outdoor signs • Pay a rental fee for the month

  27. Broadcast Media • Consists of radio & television • Television- ads are called “spots.” • Costs are very expensive!! • Cost of T.V. ad depends on the time of day ad is ran. • Radio- advantage of using radio is that radio stations usually target a certain group (country station might have a Tractor Supply commercial.) • Much cheaper than T.V. ads • Disadvantage- can’t show product, just listen about it

  28. Online Media • Involves internet. • Yahoo homepage or other search engines • My Space, Google, popups

  29. Specialty Media • Small, giveaway items that a company’s message or name is printed on. • Hotels use pens and writing pads near telephones in rooms • Other examples… calendars, key chains, towels,

  30. Specialty Media