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Types Of Outdoor Advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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Types Of Outdoor Advertising

Types Of Outdoor Advertising

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Types Of Outdoor Advertising

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  1. Types Of Outdoor Advertising

  2. Introduction As outdoor advertising services help to promote your products or services to your targeted audiences, here are some of the types of outdoor advertising services you should know to try to your business. Below are the list of outdoor advertising services help to reach more users.

  3. Types Of Outdoor Advertising • Billboards Advertising • Digital signage • Lampposts • Transit Advertising • Bus Shelter

  4. Billboards Advertising • Billboard Advertising A billboard (hoarding) is a large outdoor advertising structure typically found in high-traffic areas designed to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians and placed alongside busy roads.

  5. Digital signage • Digital Outdoor Advertising makes use of electronic technology to change what is displayed on the screen. • It usually switches from one ad to another within six to eight seconds. • These ads could be from different advertisers; the ads would keep rotating.

  6. Lampposts • Lampposts AdvertisingLamp post advertising is one of the most cheapest and efficient ways of promoting your brand among masses of people. • It helps advertisers to specifically target their desired geographical area.

  7. Transit Advertising • Transit Advertising Transit advertising is a form of advertising which is placed in or on modes of public transportation or in public transportation areas such as railway station, bus stop, parking areas.

  8. Bus Shelter • Bus Shelter is another popular means of outdoor advertising. • These types of advertising includes bench advertising and bus​ shelter advertising. • These are typically found in highly traffic regions​ such as waiting areas, or slow, busy pedestrian areas.

  9. Conclusion Thus, you have known about the various outdoor advertising services for your business promotion. Try the most suitable one to improve your brand awareness.For more detailed information on outdoor advertising services, reach the most popular outdoor advertising company in Tamil nadu.