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PERSONİFİCATİON. WHAT İS PERSONİFİCATİON?. A sentence or figure of speech in which an animal , inanimate object or abstract concept is given human qualities or said to perform humanlike actions or possess humanlike emotions . .

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  2. WHAT İS PERSONİFİCATİON? A sentenceorfigure of speech in which an animal, inanimateobjectorabstractconcept is givenhumanqualitiesorsaidtoperformhumanlikeactionsorpossesshumanlikeemotions.

  3. Personificationdependsmuch on a vividimaginationand is adaptedespeciallytopoeticalcomposition. It has twodistinguishableforms: (1) whenpersonality is ascribedtotheinanimateand (2) whensomequality of life is attributedtotheinanimate; as, a smiling Sun; daningtree; etc

  4. A tree is dancing After a nightthe Sun smile at theTree

  5. PERSONİFİCATİON İn thepast • Onereferstothepractice of giving an actualpersonalityto an abstraction. Thispractice has itsorigins in animismandancientreligion, and it is called 'personification' by modern theorists of religion.

  6. TheRime of theAncientMariner

  7. why do peopleusepersonifications? .  Mostpeopleusepersonification in everydaylanguage, withoutreallythinkingabout it, andhaveread it orheard it thousands of times.  Thisfigure of speech is popular because it is effective, and it is easilyunderstood, andpersonification of these properties are used in many areas


  9. PERSONİFİCATİON İN STORİES LittleRedRidingHood Goldilocks and the three bears


  11. PERSONİFİCATİON İN poems My Town The leaves on the ground danced in the windThe brook sang merrily as it went on its way.The fence posts gossiped and watched cars go bywhich winked at each other just to say hi.The traffic lights yelled, ”Stop, slow, go!”The tires gripped the road as if clinging to life.Stars in the sky blinked and winked outWhile the hail was as sharp as a knife

  12. PERSONİFİCATİON İN ADVERTİSİNG Infact, it's hard toimaginewhatadvertisingwould be likewithoutthefigure of personification. • Theheartbeatof America.(Chevroletcars) • Kleenexsaysblessyou.(Kleenexfacialtissues)

  13. EMİNE GÜVEN 1011216040

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