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Survey Monkey Analysis PowerPoint - by Jayson Yepez. Introduction .

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My Survey Monkey has many responses. Every question has a different topic. The first question is about Movie Genres. Then the second question is about cars. Following that is the third question is about choosing your favorite football team. The second to last question asks about what sport you play. And the final question asks you to choose your favorite burger stop.

What s your favorite movie genre
What’s your favorite movie genre?

Out of all the options to choose as your favorite movie genre’s, most of the votes went to the Comedy genre. Horror came in second and Romance and Drama tied for third. Comedy was probably chosen as the best because the new 2012 movie Ted. Millions of Americans had seen the movie Ted as soon as it came out.

What s your favorite kind of car
What’s your favorite kind of car?

Out of the few options to choose as your favorite car, BMW had won the voters. Honda came in second and then the Crystler had came in third. I think the BMW could have been the best chosen car because it’s look and performance on the road. The tech is really good, but it’s just all the performance on the road.

What s your favorite football team
What’s your favorite football team?

The four options to choose as your favorite football team were the Dallas Cowboys, 49iners, the Raiders, and the Packers. The 49iners had barely won enough votes to be the top chosen. Maybe the 49iners were the most voted because they have the second most amount of super bowl wins, and because their clothing apparel. They sell blankets, sweaters, hats, and beanies.

What sport do you play
What sport do you play?

The 5 sports that I had asked people if they played were Soccer, Football, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, and Volleyball. The most votes went to Soccer. The second amount of most votes was Baseball, and the third was Basketball. Soccer in my mind was most likely to win the most votes. This High School is full of soccer loving people. A lot of these student are hispanic and they all love soccer.

What s your favorite fast food stop
What’s your favorite fast food stop?

This question was the most answered one. What’s your favorite fast food / burger stop? The choices to choose were In’n’Out, McDonalds, Burger King, CarlsJr, Jack in the Box, and Bravo Burgers. One burger stop had dominated the rest which was In’n’Out. Barely in second was McDonalds, and following up was Jack in the Box. In’n’Out is absolutlely the best burger stop ever! Everyone talks about how much they love their food! Especially their animal style fries.


And theses are the final results and conclusions of my Survey.