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Grundtvig Project Summery of the Evaluations of meetings Ireland and Poland. Taken from survey monkey. Ireland Nano Nagle Centre 29 th Nov – 1 st Dec 2012 10 Participants competed survey monkey evaluation. Positive outcomes

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taken from survey monkey

Grundtvig Project

Summery of the

Evaluations of meetings Ireland and Poland

Taken from survey monkey

ireland nano nagle centre 29 th nov 1 st dec 2012 10 participants competed survey monkey evaluation
Ireland Nano Nagle Centre 29th Nov – 1st Dec 201210 Participants competed survey monkey evaluation

Positive outcomes

  • Partners felt it is important to build relationships so that the project aims and objectives can be fulfilled.
  • Plans put into place for the schedule of the project over the course of the next 2 years with the future activities and outcomes being prioritised.
  • Sharing different methods of teaching both language and IT.
  • Majority of participants were happy with the progress made in the first meeting.

Negative outcomes

  • Time wasted on discussions that were not always relevant and also the uncertainty of the aims and objectives was frustrating.
  • Partners found the language barrier with the Turkish partners frustrating making communication difficult at times.
  • There was some tension due to the lack of clarity to some of the guidelines in the manual.
  • Partners need to contribute equally and communication needs to flow liberally between all partners.
  • Moving forward we need a clear agenda and for partners to come to each meeting prepared and have all necessary research and procedures put into place.


  • Conclusion
  • A target schedule of objectives was put in place to be completed within the time frame of the project.
  • Outcomes for the project were prioritised.
  • Methodologies to be used for teaching language and IT were agreed by partners.
  • Communication tools agreed by partners. http://www.grundtvig.czeladz.pl/en/ (website & Blog)
  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/463239893737432/ (keeping pace)
  • http://lnx.training2000.it/moodle/login/index.php (language communication)
  • Schedule for future visits were agreed.
poland czeladz 9 th 10 th may 2013 10 of 12 participants competed survey monkey evaluation
PolandCzeladz 9th – 10th May 201310 of 12 Participants competed survey monkey evaluation

Positive Outcomes

  • Overall the partners were happy with the presentations by each institution.
  • The majority felt that the content of the meetings were informative and appropriate.
  • The majority of partners were happy with the content.
  • The outcome and goals set out from the agenda were reached.
  • Partners had a clearer prospective of project outcome.

Negative outcomes

  • Some partners were not happy with the meeting facilities and they also felt that the meeting sessions were too long.
  • Disagreement on some subjects between partners had a negative impact on the meeting.
  • There was sometimes a lack of communication and information sharing on some subjects which could have a negative effect on the progression of the project.
  • There were a number of communication difficulties and differences in opinion between the partners.


  • Conclusion
  • Initially communications between partners was problematic but ultimately this was resolved by the end of the meeting.
  • Inter- relations between partners and seniors was very valuable to the project aims and objectives.
  • The agenda of the meeting was clearly defined by the Polish partners.
  • Schedule for the meeting in Turkey was confirmed by the Turkish partners.