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National Utilities Diversity Council (NUDC) PowerPoint Presentation
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National Utilities Diversity Council (NUDC)

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National Utilities Diversity Council (NUDC) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Utilities Diversity Council (NUDC). A Proposal: Taking UMAP To The Next Level By Jose L. Perez, Cynthia Marshall, Tom Oliver. NUDC. Background Rapidly changing demographics – 110 million minorities – one in three consumers

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national utilities diversity council nudc

National Utilities Diversity Council(NUDC)

A Proposal:

Taking UMAP To The Next Level

By Jose L. Perez, Cynthia Marshall, Tom Oliver

  • Background
    • Rapidly changing demographics – 110 million minorities – one in three consumers
    • Utilities represent a significant part of the US economy and affects the quality of life for all Americans
    • NARUC represents the public sector’s regulatory arm for utilities for all fifty states including assuring consumers get a good return on their investments – rate payers!
    • UMAP works to promote supplier diversity from within the NARUC but not without challenges
  • Observations
    • UMAP is an ad hoc committee of NARUC
    • UMAP sunsets in January 2008
    • UMAP does not have dedicated staff and resources to do research on issues of diversity
    • UMAP does not have the capacity to develop and implement strategies to address the needs identified by minorities, women and service disabled veterans
    • UMAP is unable to support state commissioners who are interested in furthering diversity efforts
  • Proposal in development since January of 2007
  • Vetted out with various commissioners, utilities, minority, women and service disabled veterans business owners, advocacy groups, and government officials
  • Overwhelming support for this proposal and its immediate adoption and implementation
nudc the proposal
NUDC – The Proposal
  • Create a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization called the National Utilities Diversity Council to overcome the barriers faced by UMAP
  • Diversity will be benchmarked by formal data from the US Census Bureau
  • The definition of diversity will include: governance, procurement, employment, philanthropy and customer service (language access)
nudc the proposal cont
NUDC – The Proposal (Cont.)
  • Governed by 25 members representing a diverse group comprised of commissioners, industry and business groups, and consumer and labor groups
  • Housed in Washington DC
  • Have a strong relationship with NARUC including working in tandem for logistical activities (board meetings, events, etc.)
nudc the proposal cont7
NUDC – The Proposal (Cont.)
  • Mission

To voluntarily act as a resource that promotes the inclusion of women, racial and ethnic minorities and service disabled veterans and other organized groups that add to the diversity of the Council in utility corporate governance, philanthropy, employment, procurement, language access/customer service; and, to promote diversity in the federal and state governments that perform related regulatory tasks with utility companies.

nudc the proposal cont8
NUDC – The Proposal (Cont.)
  • NUDC will have an annual meeting to report on accomplishments in diversity and on the continuing challenges in coordination with the NARUC leadership
  • NUDC will seek foundation and government grants to operate and will host events to generate revenues to sustain the NUDC and its mission
nudc the proposal cont9
NUDC – The Proposal (Cont.)
  • Government Liaisons
    • The White House
    • Department of Energy
    • Federal Communications Commission
    • Environment Protection Agency
    • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
    • Senate Majority Leader
    • Speaker of the House
    • And others as appropriate
nudc the proposal cont10
NUDC – The Proposal (Cont.)
  • Standing Committees
    • Governance
    • Procurement
    • Employment
    • Philanthropy
    • Customer Service/Language Access & Marketing
    • State Utility Diversity Council Relations
nudc the proposal cont11
NUDC – The Proposal (Cont.)
  • Provide support for existing State diversity programs in California, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio and others
  • Encourage the creation of state diversity councils
nudc the proposal cont12
NUDC – The Proposal (Cont.)
  • Membership is open to:
    • Utility commissioners
    • Consumers
    • Labor groups
    • Business/trade associations
    • Utilities
    • Seniors
    • Veterans
    • Others
  • Request UMAP’s adoption today
  • Request UMAP recommend for adoption by NARUC’s Board of Directors for a November launch