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Influence with Impact:. How Power is Converted to Influence in Leadership. Sources of Power. Positional Power: Legitimate : Based on one’s formal authority or positional role in the organization. Reward : Based on potential benefits provided.

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influence with impact

Influence with Impact:

How Power is Converted to Influence in Leadership

sources of power
Sources of Power
  • Positional Power:
    • Legitimate: Based on one’s formal authority or positional role in the organization.
    • Reward: Based on potential benefits provided.
    • Coercive: Based on threat or fear of consequences.
  • Personal Power:
    • Connection: Based on one’s network and politics.
    • Information: Based on access to information.
    • Expert: Based on expertise, skill, or knowledge.
    • Referent: Based on others’ identification & admiration.
power converted to influence
Power Converted To Influence
  • “The process of affecting others’ attitudes and behavior in order to achieve an objective.”
types of influence tactics
Types of Influence Tactics
  • Legitimization
  • Consultation
  • Rational persuasion
  • Ingratiation
  • Exchange favors
  • Pressure and force compliance
  • Form coalitions
  • Inspirational and personal appeal
influence tactics and sources of power
Sources of Power:








Influence Tactics:



Rational persuasion




Rational persuasion

Rational persuasion

Inspirational appeal

Personal appeal


Influence Tactics and Sources of Power
political behavior as influence
Political Behavior as Influence
  • Networking
    • Social networks are increasingly important to an individual’s ability to influence others and achieve goals.
  • Reciprocity
    • Working for others builds a solid network and expands a skill set.
  • Coalitions
    • Coalitions build credibility
      • Remember issue selling!
humor as influence
Humor as Influence
  • What is the role of humor as influence?
  • How can humor consulting help executives influence others more effectively?
case study muhammad yunus
Case Study: Muhammad Yunus
  • Influencing others
    • Increased quality of life for borrowers
    • More micro-lending from non-profit and for-profit companies
  • Recognition:
    • 2006 Nobel Peace Prize
  • Questions:
    • How did Yunus influence others?
    • What can you learn from his story about influence and leadership?