Energy Source Trivia
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Energy Source Trivia Extravaganza!. Question 1:. This Energy Source was formed from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals. Fossil Fuels. Question 2:. Where does Geothermal Energy come from?. Heat within the earth. Question 3:.

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Energy Source Trivia


Question 1
Question 1:

This Energy Source was formed from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals

Question 2
Question 2:

Where does Geothermal Energy come from?

Heat within

the earth

Question 3
Question 3:

Which Energy Source is caused by the uneven heating of the earth?



Question 4
Question 4:

What equipment do we use to harness solar energy?

Question 5
Question 5:

What energy source is harnessed by burning organic matter?

Question 6
Question 6:

What is the process of splitting atoms that is used in nuclear power plants called?



Question 7
Question 7:

What is currently the least expensive energy source to use?

Question 8
Question 8:

What energy source can help underdeveloped countries with their energy needs?

Question 9
Question 9:

What energy source helps businesses stay open during power outages?

Question 10
Question 10:

What are two types of geothermal energy?

Question 11
Question 11:

What are the 3 types of fossil fuels?



Natural Gas

Question 12
Question 12:

What energy source has commercial and residential turbines?

Question 13
Question 13:

What is nuclear energy most often used for?

Question 14
Question 14:

What energy sources use steam to produce energy?

Question 15
Question 15:

What energy source can disturb fish habitats?

Question 16
Question 16:

What wildlife may be threatened by wind energy?

Question 17
Question 17:

Solar Energy does not produce this type of pollution?

Question 18
Question 18:

Biomass produces this greenhouse gas

Question 19
Question 19:

2.7% of the energy in the United States comes from this energy source

Question 20
Question 20:

What energy source provides nearly all of France’s energy?

Question 21
Question 21:

What energy source costs the most per kWh?

Question 22
Question 22:

What countries is geothermal energy found in large amounts?

Question 23
Question 23: Western parts of the Americas

What are two uses, other than generating electricity, of wind energy?

Grinding Grain and Western parts of the Americas

Pumping Water

Question 24
Question 24: Western parts of the Americas

How much money can a homeowner save by using geothermal heating?

Up to $20,000 Western parts of the Americas

Question 25
Question 25: Western parts of the Americas

Name one other use for solar energy besides generating electricity

Heating Homes, Greenhouses, Pools, etc. Western parts of the Americas