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Communism stands for a stateless society where all are equal . No one is rich or poor in a communist system. In Communism, it is the community that holds the production and the major resources. .

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Communismstands for a stateless society where all are equal. No one is rich or poor in a communist system. In Communism, it is the community that holds the production and the major resources.

FASCIM Fascism pertains to state and it considers state above everything else. In fascism the state is all embracing. For the fascists, no human values exist outside the state.


Soviet Union was formed after the Communist Revolution in 1917. Josef Stalinassumes supreme leadership (1927-1953).


In an effort to build a militarily powerful and industrially strong country in light of competition with the international world, Stalin institutes purges and controls over the agriculturally rich Ukraine.


Stalin was the supreme ruler of the Soviet Union for a quarter of a century. His regime of terror caused the death and suffering of tens of millions.


Nov. 29 commemorates the 75th Anniversary in memory of the Famine.



“Plague of Hunger”


Ukraine, Soviet Union



  • Most productive agricultural area in the Soviet union.
  • 44th largest country in the world.
  • Population 32,680,700 in January 1932.


Stalin’s goal to create all the Soviet republic under the common culture of Russian.

Years earlier, threats by the Ukrainian leaders to pursue self-determinationand create an independent Ukraine from Russia lead to a threaton Stalin’s goal to centralize power in Moscow for himself.

  • Stalin instils a policy of “Russification” over the Soviet Union to counter the nationalistic Ukraine.

Stalin made efforts to eliminate this threat by collectivization of agricultural lands (confiscating individual farms, and forcing farmers into large state-owned collective farms).

  • This collectivization had its emphasis for Stalin in creating a single, uniform Soviet citizen. Where all were equal, regardless of culture, language, religion, or ethnicity.

Through control of education, common language of Russian, and massive arrests of Ukrainian leaders, Stalin furthers his control.

  • The Collectivization of the agriculturally rich Ukraine left all resources, land and produce in the hands of the republic of the Soviet Union.

All grain produced was sold internationally to finance Stalin’s desire for rapid industrialization.


Those opposing Stalin’s plan were condemned to death or exiled into forced labour camps in Siberia.

  • Ones caught taking grain from these collective farms were guilty of crimes against the state and faced severe punishment.

To further production, Stalin increased grain quotas, making it impossible for farmers to meet the demands.

Stalin’s response was to confiscate all food sources and seal off Ukraine’s borders, thus further preventing people from obtaining food.

… food that was readily available within the rest of Russia.

Creating the MAN-MADE famine called the Holodomor


Stalin refused to allow reference to the issue as a famine, and refused to accept international aid for the starving.

At the height of the Holodomor, people were dying at the rate of 25,000/day, or 1000/hr, or 17/minute

To what extent was Soviet ultranationalism responsible for the extreme act of genocide-famine in Ukraine?