what was the weimar republic l.
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What was the Weimar Republic?

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What was the Weimar Republic? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What was the Weimar Republic?. Setting the Context WWI and the Treaty of Versailles. The Powder Keg of World War I. Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism. Nationalism even on the homefront. Western & Eastern Fronts. Western front particularly deadly

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what was the weimar republic

What was the Weimar Republic?

Setting the Context

WWI and the Treaty of Versailles

the powder keg of world war i
The Powder Keg of World War I
  • Militarism
  • Alliances
  • Imperialism
  • Nationalism
western eastern fronts
Western & Eastern Fronts
  • Western front particularly deadly
  • Most of fighting outside of Germany
the end of wwi 1917 18
The end of WWI: 1917-18
  • Russia had left the war, but America was entering
  • German generals, worried about this “new blood,” asked the Kaiser to step down and set up a democracy to win American favor
  • German generals immediately recommended that the new German leadership sign an armistice (11/11/18)
treaty of versailles
Treaty of Versailles
  • Blames Germany
  • Requires Germany to pay reparations
  • Makes Germany drastically reduce its military
  • Disbands German alliances
  • Puts occupying army in Germany
  • Sets up League of Nations, but doesn’t let Germany enter it
german support for the treaty
Leaders knew military losing

Changed from monarchy to democracy to please Americans

Generals told political leaders to surrender & sign Treaty of Versailles

Citizens had believed war propaganda

Knew nothing of defeat until Kaiser left

Shocked to have lost

Even more shocked to hear Treaty terms

Deutsche Zeitung denounces treaty!

German Support for the Treaty?
the weimar republic 1919 1933
The Weimar Republic1919 - 1933
  • Elected Reichstag members by political party, not person
  • Proportional Representation (1%+)
  • Rule by coalition
  • 20 governments in 14 years!
  • Chaos on the streets of Berlin force the government to move Germany’s capital to Weimar
economic problems
Economic Problems
  • Reparations of $33 billion
  • Hyperinflation - 1923
  • French forces occupy the Ruhr valley
enough is enough
“Enough is enough”
  • 1924 - Dawes Plan: American businesses help out
  • 1926 – Germany joins League of Nations
  • 1928 – Germany allowed to participate in Olympics
  • Democratic elections of Weimar Republic starts to take hold
1929 a turning point year
1929: A Turning Point Year
  • Stock Market Crash: world wide Depression
  • American loans pulled back
  • Unemployment starts to rise again
  • Gustav Stresemann, German Foreign Minister since 1923, dies
forces decision makers in the weimar republic

Major industry owners

Army officers

University Professors

Labor Union leaders

Political party leaders



Jews (1% of population)

Forces/Decision-Makersin the Weimar Republic