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The Case
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The Case

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  1. The Case A Comedy in 2 Act

  2. The Salesman • The Sad Woman • The Gangster

  3. Will: The lock I can’t open it. Why shall I open it? That is not my case and also not my lock. I need to get out of here. I can’t find my future here with that case. I need to walk along the river and reach its source. Then I don’t have to drink the dirty water anymore because there will be grass and breeze and trees. There will be a garden. I always want a garden where I can grow something and live by myself without bothering anybody. I always want it. Flowers in the spring and fruits in the autumn. Juicy peach and lovely girl may admire my garden. We will get marry and we don’t need to bother or care about anybody. We will be free and build the future together. Free as breeze. Oh, I am too old to have a dream. • Guy: I seem to know the case. Something I hide deep inside me struggling to be free. I seem to know the case. It is like the case once belonged to me. I kept it for long long time and I threw away it long long time ago. I can’t remember when or why now. I use my brain in the wrong way years. I use it for cursing for complaining and for hiding. I don’t know how to face it. I lost the ability. I break my memory by ignoring its roaring. I try to forget but I am also afraid to be forgotten. What shall I do if I don’t want to commit suicide? I want to forget the pains but I need the pains to wake me up tomorrow. The dawn I see seems a smile to me. I admire it.