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2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup: Durban, KZN: Business Plan Dr. Michael Sutcliffe - City Manager : EThekwini Ms. Julie-May Ellingson - Head : Strategic Projects and 2010 Programme, EThekwini Background

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2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup:Durban, KZN: Business PlanDr. Michael Sutcliffe - City Manager : EThekwiniMs. Julie-May Ellingson - Head : Strategic Projects and 2010 Programme, EThekwini

  • Province and city adopted a “2010 and beyond” strategy which will ensure we take full advantage of 2010 FIFA World Cup to firmly establish ourselves as Africa’s premier sporting, conference and tourism centre.
  • KZN Provincial government is focused in particular on areas such as sports development, economic development opportunities, tourism, arts, culture.
  • Host cities responsible primarily for delivery of the necessary infrastructure including transport, ICT, bulk services as well as marketing issues in the host cities
  • Host stadia responsible for delivery of stadia and related precinct infrastructure
  • Legacy Infrastructure in EThekwini to include: New Stadium and Kings Park Sports Precinct developments (High performance centre, tennis, Indoor centre, Station, Sports retail centre); Training field upgrades, Dube Trade Port and King Shaka Airport; Major Highways and Roadways; Public Transport; Tourism Infrastructure; ICT development; Urban regeneration
  • “Durban, KZN” is brand we are using for Host City



1. Cricket 2. Hotel/sports fields 3. Baseball/Softball

4. Hotel/sports accommodation 5. People’s Park & u/g Parking 5/A. Potential Training Fields

6. Football/athletics 7. Proposed railway station 8. Aquatics

9. Rugby 10.Athletics 11. Archery

12. Cycling 13. High performance centre 14. Indoor sports centre

15. Tennis 16. Equestrian 17A/B. Golf/trails

18. Canoeing 19. A1 Racing

PMG note: map not included, please email

1 king senzangakhona stadium
World class 70 000 Seater World Class stadium to host semi-final.

Capable of being expanded to accommodate future Olympics

Multifunctional without compromising activity of football.

Financially viable: maximising potential income streams while minimising financial drain on city

Best concept at the best price

Bulk earthworks and piling procurement: Aug 06 – Sep 06

Principle building contract procurement: Aug 06 – Nov 06

Bulk earthworks and piling: Oct 06 – Jan 07

Main seating bowl structure: Nov 06 – Mar 08

Roof construction: Nov 06 – Oct 08

Pitch: Jul 08– Oct 08

Wet trades, services and finishes: Jan 08 – Nov 08

External works: Jan 08 – Nov 08

Completion and handover: Sep 08 – Dec 08

1. King Senzangakhona Stadium

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

stadium update
Ahead of schedule

Old Stadium demolished

Land assembly for underground parking underway

Piling contracts being finalised

Main Construction Contract at advanced stage

Stadium update

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

2 stadium precinct
People’s Park and Hero’s walk

Underground Parking

Pedestrianisation of Walter Gilbert Road

Imbizo Place

Pedestrianised link NMR to Beach

Resurfacing NMR Road

FIFA Precinct Costs

Road Improvements

Sports Precinct Service Road

Kings Park Railway Station

2. Stadium Precinct

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

3 transport
Nkosi Albert Luthuli Public Transport Lanes

Inner City Distribution System (People Mover)

Warwick Junction Infrastructure

Park and Ride

King Shaka Airport Service Infrastructure

Public Transport Call centre

Western Freeway Rehabilitation

Intelligent Transport Systems Traffic Management

Road network CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance

Area Traffic Control

Non-Motorised Transport (pedestrian/

cycle paths)

3. Transport

PMG note: map not included, please email

people mover
Begins in late 2006 with a bus based system, 16 hours a day, fixed route, every 10 mins or so.

Buses built and process underway to train drivers, ambassadors, etc.

Feasibility into Tram-based system completed and could implement for 2010

People Mover

PMG note: map not included, please email

warwick junction infrastructure
Gateway into city

Highest number of number of road deaths/ accidents

Opportunity to significantly improve face of public transport

Multi-modal transport and retail hub

Warwick Junction Infrastructure

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

4 training venues
Process underway to identify which stadia will be upgraded as legacy to host PSL-level games

Suggested stadia:

SJ Smith Stadium

Chatsworth Stadium

Sugar Ray Xulu Stadium

King Zwelithini Stadium

Princess Magogo Stadium

4. Training Venues

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

5 fan fests
Success of EThekwini’s Beach Parties held for major conferences will be built upon

Ideal opportunity from Blue Lagoon along beachfront to Country Club Beach (area robust and for the most part serviced)

5. Fan fests

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

6 support infrastructure
Increasing bulks





6. Support Infrastructure

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

7 ict
Have extensive Fibre Optic, Power and Wireless capacity

Some public buildings already wireless. Being expanded.

Fibre optic into stadium and ICC

Stadia upgrades and Hot spots being worked on


Possible site for International Broadcast centre. Have had regular international broadcasts from city

ICT Strategy links into city’s connectivity and accessibility strategy

eThekwini well ahead in terms of addressing bandwidth needs

Overall ICT Strategy is to leave a legacy of connectivity and accessibility

7. ICT

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

possible international broadcast centre ibc
Criteria for bidding to host IBC not yet provided

Durban well placed to be IBC due to existing infrastructure

Decision will however depend on overall cost (incl. loss of revenue from ICC)

Possible International Broadcast Centre (IBC)

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

8 accommodation
Over 20 hotels within 5 kilometres of ground

< 10 minutes from stadium over 8000 beds (3-5 star)

<30 minutes from stadium: over 630 tourism establishments

At least 10 New hotels in process of construction and number of others in approval phase

<2.5 hours from stadium: wider range for all tourism requirements


8. Accommodation

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

9 tourism
Tourist Information Centres

Training Tour Guides in Foreign Languages

Improving the depth of literature eg. City maps, what’s on, public transport maps,

Literature in different languages and volunteers being available

Opening hours of tourist facilities and attractions are going to be extended

Shopping experience needs to be prioritized

Tourism friendly strategies

Information Kiosks

Accreditation of Accommodation

Training Courses

9. Tourism

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

beach tourism
Beach Products: Blue flags (Umhlanga, South, Addington, Ansteys, Bay of Plenty), pilots (Westbrook Beach, Umhloti Beach, Bronze Beach, Country Club Beach, Battery Beach, North Beach, Amanzimtoti Main Beach), Artificial reef

Beach interface (Centres of excellence, e.g. Beach café, beach activity areas, surveillance and open space opportunities, segmentation, etc.)

Integrated eventing

Beachfront regeneration

Beach Tourism

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

marketing communication and signage
One brand: “Durban, KwaZulu-Natal”

Tourism directional signage

Marketing and communications

Marketing, communication and signage

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

11 city beautification
Public Realm Upgrade

Upgrade Priority Transportation Corridors

Precinct upgrade around training venues

Beach upgrades

11. City Beautification

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

12. Health


SA’s most experienced city in dealing with this important aspect


Provincial Hospitals = 14

Private Hospitals = 15

24-hour Clinics = 05

13. Disaster



21 fire stations plus two approved additional

79 specialised vehicles


Disaster Management Centre

Experience in major event co-ordination

14 fifa events
FIFA Events

Events leading to 2010

Host cities need composite list of all 2010 related events so as to plan appropriately and ensure level of equity

14. FIFA Events

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

15 safety and security
Liaison with National Authority: most experienced city in holding international conferences and events and hence excellent working relationship among forces

National/Provincial approach required

Joint Operations Venue/Disaster Management Control Centre

Venue Operations Centre

Capital equipment and CCTV

Fire and Emergency Services

15. Safety and security

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

16. Volunteers

Critical to the success of the event and so starting to work on best case

Language skills important

Age and maturity of volunteers important

Have a number of pilots underway

Environmental rehabilitation

Waste Management



2010 and beyond eventing strategy
2010 and Beyond Eventing strategy
  • Have to build towards 2010 and ensure sustainability thereafter
  • Events provide platform to do this:
    • FIFA Events
    • FIFA Beach soccer African qualifiers (September 06/07)
    • A1 Rally (Feb 27 2007)
    • Clipper (07-08)
    • International Rugby events
    • Zulu Rally and World Rally Championships (07-08)
    • FIFA Beach soccer World Cup Final (09)
    • Confederations Cup (09)
    • Soccer World Cup 2010 (Semi-final)
    • FINA 2011
    • Commonwealth Games?
    • Olympic Games?

PMG note: graphics not included, please email

critical issues
Critical issues
  • Single entry point for Government
  • Role definition
  • Legislation
  • Funding: direct flows
  • Procurement
  • Special measures for land transfers for 2010 requirements