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Listening Test Strategies Tutorial

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Listening Test Strategies Tutorial - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ESOL High Intermediate Level ESOL Advanced Level. Listening Test Strategies Tutorial. Strategies for Active Listening. Focus Guess Review Remember Take Notes Relax Rest and Eat Know the Test’s Format Practice. Focus. Focus on key ideas. Focus on key words.

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strategies for active listening
Strategies for Active Listening
  • Focus
  • Guess
  • Review
  • Remember
  • Take Notes
  • Relax
  • Rest and Eat
  • Know the Test’s Format
  • Practice
  • Focus on key ideas.
  • Focus on key words.
  • You don’t have to understand every word.
  • Use the words you know.
  • Keep listening.
focus key words ideas
Focus: Key words & ideas

Sample Practice Item

  • QUESTION: What is the man asking about?
  • Voice 1: Hi, I’m interested in your summersoccer camp program for kids. Can you give me some information?
  • Voice 2: Sure! It’s a half day program and…let’s see… it starts next week…no, sorry…next month. You need to register by this Friday. It’s really popular. Last year we had to turn a lot of kids away.
  • QUESTION: What is the man asking about?
    • A. summer school
    • B. soccer camp
    • C. camping trips
  • Listen for clues to help you guess:
  • Grammar Structure
    • Voice: Did you study at the library last night?
    • Which is correct?
      • Yes, I am.
      • Yes, I was.
      • Yes, I did.
  • Key Words / Context Clues
    • Voice 1: Andrew, the printer keeps jamming again. Could you get someone to come and repair it right away?
    • Voice 2: Again? We had a guy out here last week to fix it!
    • A. Maybe we should use a differentrepair service.
    • B. I think he didn’t keep it.
    • C. Make sure you print me a copy.

Didn’t hear the question?

  • Answer all of the questions.
  • Do NOT skip any questions.
  • No answer is a wrong answer.

Take a chance!


  • Listen to the question. Think about the meaning of what the speakers have said.
  • Try to say the meaning in your own words. Draw a picture in your head.
    • Voice 1: Let’s go for a walk at lunchtime.
    • Voice 2: I can’t go today. I have too much work to do.
    • What does the woman say?
    • She can’t eat.
    • She can’t walk too far.
    • She needs to work.
  • Attention: Nothing else should enter your mind.
  • Think about what you hear!
  • Interest: Focus your interest.
  • Sit up in your chair!
  • Plan: Plan to remember.
  • Be determined!
  • Believe: Believe in your ability to remember.
        • Think positive!
  • Choose: Concentrate on the most important ideas and words.
  • Select what is important!
  • Associate: Think about experiences you’ve had with the topic.
  • Remember what you know!
  • Take Notes: Write down key words on your scratch paper.
  • Be an active listener!
take notes details
Take notes: Details
  • Write down key words such as:
  • Location words (middle, in front of, on top of)
  • Directions (left, right, north, south)
  • Numbers (telephone, address)
  • Dates (month)
  • Money ($)
  • Time (morning, midnight, noon, 9:00)


8:00 a.m.




Use a Scratch Paper and Pencil.

  • Don’t panic even if you find the test difficult.
  • Stay relaxed during the test. 
  • Take slow, deep breaths. 
  • Don’t worry about other students finishing the test before you do. 
rest and eat
Rest and Eat
  • Get enough sleep the night before the test. 
  • Eat a light and nutritious meal before the test. 
  • Stay away from junk foods.
know the test s format
Know the Test’s Format

What type of listening questions does the test have?

listening test format
listening Test Format
  • Types of Questions:
  • Part 1: Comprehension Question
    • Conversation between two people
    • Phone message recordings and conversations
    • Announcements
  • Part 2: Identify True Statement – “Which is correct?”
    • Interpret statements
    • Interpret conversations
  • Part 3: Predict Next Line – Finish the Conversation
    • Unfinished conversation between two people
part 1 comprehension questions
Part 1: Comprehension Questions

First, you will hear a question.

Next, listen carefully to what is said.

Then, you will hear three possible answers.

Choose the correct answer: A, B, or C.

sample question comprehension
Sample question: Comprehension

Listen to the question

to help you pick out key words in the conversation.

How many children does the man have?

Voice 1: How many children do you have?

Voice 2: Three…two boys and one girl.

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

Focus your attention on the conversation.

Choose your answer.

part 2 identify true statement which is correct
Part 2: Identify True Statement – Which is correct?
  • Listen carefully to what is said.
  • Then you will hear the question, Which is correct?
  • You will hear three possible answers.
  • Choose the correct answer: A, B, or C.
  • You will hear the conversation and the question
  • only one time.
sample identify true statement which is correct
Sample: Identify True Statement – “Which is correct?”

Voice 1

  • Where’s Nancy?
  • She’s on vacation. She won’t be back until the 10th.
  • Oh, really. Where’d she go?
  • She went to Wisconsin to see her family.
  • Which is correct?
    • Nancy just came back from vacation.
    • Nancy’s going to Wisconsin on the 10th.
    • Nancy’s visiting her family.

Voice 2

Voice 1

Voice 2

part 3 predict the next line finish the conversation
Part 3: Predict The Next Line – Finish the Conversation
  • Listen to the first part of a conversation.
  • Finish the conversation by choosing
  • the correct answer: A, B, or C.
sample question finish the conversation

Ana, the printer is broken again. Could you get someone to come and repair it right away?

Again? We had a guy out here yesterday to fix it!

  • A. Sure, I can fix it.
  • B. We need to call the repair service and complain.
  • C. I will call again.
  • A, B, or C?
Sample question: Finish the Conversation

Voice 1

Listen to the Speakers.

Voice 2

Think about what the first speaker should say.

Voice 1

Choose the correct answer.

rules for good listening
Rules for Good Listening
  • Do not talk.
  • Concentrate your attention –
  • Force yourself to concentrate.
  • Repeat the words to yourself in English
  • to help you remember.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
practice practice practice
Practice, practice, practice

Practice English Tutorials & Tests (PETT) Projects

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Listening and Dictation (LAD) Projects

Multiple-Choice Listening Comprehension Activities

Web Resources

Go to http://www/adulted/els/web_resources/.

Click on Speaking/Listening.


You can do it!

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