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ProgressBook Year-End Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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ProgressBook Year-End Meeting

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ProgressBook Year-End Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ProgressBook Year-End Meeting. May 12, 2011. Welcome & Introductions. Name District Summer Vacation Plans. 10.3 Release. Release Date: May 11, 2011 Defect Fixes D3176 – Duplicate Missing Assignment Alerts D3181 – Membership Integration Issue. 10.3 Release. Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Presentation Transcript
welcome introductions
Welcome & Introductions
  • Name
  • District
  • Summer Vacation Plans
10 3 release
10.3 Release
  • Release Date: May 11, 2011
    • Defect Fixes
      • D3176 – Duplicate Missing Assignment Alerts
      • D3181 – Membership Integration Issue
10 3 release1
10.3 Release
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • Survey will be available to customers once 10.3 is installed until May 26, 2011
looking to the future
Looking to the Future
  • 10.4 Release – August 2011 (SpS)
      • Compliance Items (if needed)
        • FY12 EMIS Compliance Changes
        • FY12 ODE Compliance Changes
      • Start of Year Updates
        • Add 2012-2013 School Year Selection
        • Add 2013 dates for Date of Test
looking to the future1
Looking to the Future
  • 12.0 Release – October 2011
        • Adobe 10.0 Compatibility
        • Ability to Delete Staff
        • Moodle Integration with Grade Book
        • Ability to Split marks between assessments in Standards Based Report Cards
        • Report Card RTF to PDF Conversion
        • Defect Fixes
summer rollover
Summer Rollover
  • Summer Rollover – early July
      • Will be dependent on when we receive the release from Software Answers
      • Will send out email once the specific date has been determined
      • Estimating minimal downtime this year – hoping to limit it to just one day!
summer rollover1
Summer Rollover
  • What’s deleted?
    • Teacher’s courses and classes
    • Daily and period attendance records
    • Students’ addresses
    • Students’ homerooms
summer rollover2
Summer Rollover
  • What’s Retained?
    • ProgressBook system settings
    • Parent/Student Access Website Administration settings
    • Parent/Student Access Website class home pages
    • Student, parent, and staff login account information
    • Student contacts and addresses with IEP’s
    • Named codes
    • Report Cards
    • Courses Associated with standards-based report cards
    • Student informaiton
    • Assignment and homework banks
    • Lesson Plan Banks
    • SpS district and user banks
summer rollover3
Summer Rollover
  • Optional Scripts Available
    • Purge Assignment Bank
      • Deletes Assignments that are older than three years
    • Purge Teacher Lesson Class History
      • Deletes lesson plans from lesson bank that are older than three years
    • Copy Classes
      • Allows case management classes to be copied into next year’s database
        • Can choose to also bring over Rosters, Staff, and Reporting Periods from last years CASE classes
year end reports
Year-End Reports
  • Class Progress Reports
    • Includes comprehensive class progress reports for all teachers and classes for the entire year
year end reports1
Year-End Reports
  • Period Attendance Report
    • Includes a file for each school building that has used Period Attendance. The reports lists the period attendance by reporting period for each student that had period attendance entered during the school year.
archiving report cards
Archiving Report Cards
  • No procedure available for MEC to mass archive the PB Report Cards for our Districts
    • Districts are encouraged to produce a copy for theirrecords prior to the roll-over
      • Copies can be saved to a PC or server or can be burnt to a CD
  • MEC does maintain the previous years database online
back to school checklists
Back to School Checklists
  • Two Checklists for 2011/2012
    • Back to School Checklist
      • Outlines all the things that need to be done prior to Start of School
    • Checklist for ProgressBook Startup Up
      • Items that need to be completed before integration can be turned on
        • Signed form must be received before MEC will begin integration setup process
period attendance
Period Attendance
  • Period Attendance Integration
    • Became available in v10.1
  • Anyone interested in switching?
    • Please Post Helpdesk Ticket if interested
    • Both DASL and ProgressBook will need to be setup
  • Password Expire every 350 days
    • Password expirations are a common issue at beginning of the school year
    • Passwords can be changed by teachers in ProgressBook (if enabled in District Features)
    • If password expires it must be re-set in DASL
    • Submit helpdesk ticket if you would like a mass re-set of passwords done for your District
      • New passwords can be send as an email to the individual users or sent in a single file to whomever requests the re-set. Be sure to specify in ticket which option you want
contact and listserv updates
Contact and Listserv Updates
  • Please review the Contact List and the Listserv Subscriber List and indicate any changes that need to be made
open discussion forum
Open Discussion Forum
  • Anyone have anything they’d like to discuss or share?