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Cannon Pointe Chiropractic

Cannon Pointe Chiropractic. Kyra Friedell , Molly Moon, Keith Nederhoed , Darin Steffl , Esti Zimmerman. Team F. Current Situation. Cannon Pointe, Current Marketing Plan. Current Marketing Plan. Preopening survey  Promotional gift baskets  Fliers  Healthy cooking classes 

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Cannon Pointe Chiropractic

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  1. Cannon Pointe Chiropractic Kyra Friedell, Molly Moon, Keith Nederhoed, Darin Steffl, Esti Zimmerman Team F

  2. Current Situation Cannon Pointe, Current Marketing Plan

  3. Current Marketing Plan • Preopening survey  • Promotional gift baskets  • Fliers  • Healthy cooking classes  • Press release in The Northfield News • Word-of-mouth and personal referrals

  4. Competition • Northfield Chiropractic • Cram Chiropractic • Corbett Chiropractic • Pete’s Chiropractic • Nobel Chiropractic • SigstadChiropractic Center

  5. Macro Environment Analysis Cultural, Demographic, Social, Technology,Economic, Political

  6. Macro Environment • Cultural • Health and Wellness • Demographic • Median Income • Families • Prominent Ethnic Group • Social • Yoga Mom

  7. Macro Environment cont’d • Technological • Internet Access & Use • Economic • Payment Methods • Political/Regulatory • Health Care Reform: Harkin Amendment

  8. SWOT Analysis

  9. Marketing Strategy Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning

  10. Segmentation: Mass Marketing • 24-50 years old • Annual household income $40K+ • Mothers 24+ • Children with ADHD and autism • Those suffering from lower back or neck pain

  11. Target Market • Moms • 24+ (late 30s, 40s, and 50s) • Annual household income around $50K • Interest in personal health and their family’s health

  12. Positioning • Salient Attributes • Functional Neurology • Acupuncture • Increases the importance of informational approach

  13. Marketing Mix Product, Price, Place, Promotion

  14. Product • Traditional Chiropractic Care • Functional Neurology • Acupuncture • Dr. Conway as a “product” • American Chiropractic Association • In-Clinic without drugs or surgery • Cost-effective alternative 

  15. Price

  16. Place Cannon Pointe Location

  17. Promotion: Basic Strategy • Community: Building a Business Reputation • Educate the public • Community Involvement • Internet: Ease of Accessibility • Optimization • In-Office: Generating Referrals • Print Materials • Acknowledgement

  18. Promotion: Expanded Strategy • Ambient Advertising: Place-Based to Widen Target • Placement adds meaning to message • Direct Marketing: Retaining Clients • Informational • Personal

  19. The Plan in Action Implementation, Contingency Plan, Measuring Success

  20. Implementation Plan • Initial Promotions (Prior to opening) • Health Screenings • Web Presence and Optimization • Community Reputation: Chamber of Commerce • Secondary Promotions (Coincide with opening) • In-Office Materials • Lecture Series • Tertiary Promotions (As possible) • Ambient Advertising • Acknowledge Client Base • Monitor and Track Successes (Throughout)

  21. Contingency Plan • Penetrate surrounding area • Dennison, Dundas, Randolph • Leverage community resources

  22. Measuring Success • Product Success • Revenue • Price Success • Monitor Price Sensitivity, Discount Packages • Place Success • Clinic Front Sign • Promotion Success • Online, Community Reputation, and Referrals 

  23. In Conclusion evaluate environment identify potential client base understand what they reach, do NOT define how to educate retain and

  24. Thank You Questions?

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