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Welcome, students! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome, students!

Welcome, students!

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Welcome, students!

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  1. Welcome, students!

  2. You’ve seen the video. Now, let’s look at some more information about each class…

  3. Auto Technology Auto/Diesel Technology Cabinetmaking/Finished Carpentry Carpentry/Construction Collision Repair & Refinishing Tech. Visual Arts Technologies Computer Programming/Oracle Acad. Computer Technology/Cisco Academy Cosmetology Culinary Arts Dental Assistant Digital Printing Technologies Drafting/Design Technology Electrical Trades Electronics Technology Emergency Services Health Occupations Heating, Vent., Air Cond. & Plumbing Interior Decorating & Finishing Logistics & Materials Management Masonry Multimedia And Web Design Outdoor Power Equipment Tech. Precision Machining Retail Marketing/Entrepreneurship Welding Technology GACTC COURSES

  4. So many classes… How do I know if I should apply to GACTC or which class would be best for me?

  5. Ask yourself some questions…

  6. Am I interested in working with cars? • Do I like to figure out how things work? • Think about a career in the automotive fields…

  7. Auto Technology • Check vehicles for damage or malfunctions • Use equipment such as infrared engine analyzers, compression gauges, and computerized diagnostic devices • Review work orders and discuss with supervisors • Follow checklists to ensure all important parts are examined, including belts, hoses, steering systems, spark plugs, brake and fuel systems, wheel bearings, and other potentially troublesome areas

  8. Auto/Diesel Technology • Similar to Auto Tech, but diesel engines • Ambulances, garbage trucks, fire engines • Passenger cars • Light and heavy duty trucks • Vans

  9. Outdoor Power Equipment Tech. Similar to both Auto Technology classes, but the focus is on small engines • Lawnmowers • String trimmers • Motorcycles • ATV’s

  10. Collision Repair & Refinishing Tech. • Removal of dents and cuts in sheet metal • Methods of refinishing • Types of finishes • Replacement of parts • Repair and replacement of suspension parts • Repair and installation of electrical and mechanical controls related to windows, doors, and air conditioning

  11. What if I really like computers?

  12. Computer Programming/Oracle Internet Academy In this course the students will be introduced to many computer concepts including the following: • Flowcharting • Structured Programming • Programming for the Internet • Programming languages: COBOL, RPG SQL, and JAVA

  13. Computer Technology/Cisco Academy • Provide technical assistance and resolution when electrical or engineering problems are encountered before, during, and after construction • Install and maintain electrical control systems and solid state equipment • Set up and operate test equipment to evaluate computer performance • Build, calibrate, maintain, troubleshoot and repair electrical instruments or testing equipment • Analyze and interpret test information to resolve design-related problems

  14. Drafting/Design Technology The course is intended to give the student an opportunity to develop essential skills using both the drawing board and the computer in engineering graphics; in basic architectural drawing; in the application of mathematical tools for problem solving; and in the development of attitudes and work habits relative to the standards of the technician. ***Strength in math, experience with computers, and ability to work well in teams/groups is necessary

  15. Multimedia and Web Design Digital Media Production Use the latest digital tools to shoot, edit, refine sound, and develop special effects. Video Production Explore lighting, audio for video, television studio production, linear and non-linear editing.  Students will create a portfolio that will demonstrate individual talent in the form of a video from concept to final, edited composition.   Photography This program emphasizes both the artistry and technical requirements of this highly creative field.  Students will learn how to capture images using unique perspectives.  Students will also be taught composition, lighting, darkroom processes, and digital imaging.

  16. What if I like to work with my hands and build stuff?

  17. Cabinetmaking/Finished Carpentry This program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the cabinetmaking field or entry level positions as Finish Carpenters. Learning includes: • Safety, set-up and operation of stationary power tools • Sketching and shop-drawing reading • Cabinet layout/design • Kitchen installation • Trim, molding, door installation

  18. Carpentry/Construction • This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as carpenters building residential homes and commercial/industrial buildings. • In this program, training covers the use of both hand and power tools.  Some of the elements of the course are as follows: trade math, blueprint reading and sketching, layout foundations, rough framing, finishing (interior and exterior), and roof framing.  Estimating, purchasing, and time management procedures are also included.

  19. Masonry • work with stone, brick, concrete, concrete blocks, artificial stone, and related materials • construct walls, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, etc.  • read blueprints and must have a knowledge of mathematics in order to be able to prepare job estimates • have average or above average strength and stamina, as work may require lifting heavy units of material repeatedly for extended periods of time

  20. What if I’m kind of good at drawing and I really like art?

  21. Visual Arts Technologies The Visual Arts Technologies program is for those serious about developing their art talents into marketable art skills. Students develop skills in: • Drawing • Painting • Illustration • Lettering • Graphic design • Pre-Press and desktop publishing

  22. I think I’d be good at styling hair, putting make-up on others…

  23. Cosmetology • The student will learn the care of the hair, skin, and fingernails. • Hands-on skill work will include hair styling, permanent waving, hair cutting, highlighting or hair tinting, hair setting, scalp treatments, removal of superfluous hair, thermal waving and curling, chemical hair relaxing, skin care and make-up. • Manicuring will include basic manicures, French tips, nail art, sculptured nails, acrylic overlays, and nail tips.

  24. I think cooking is so cool!

  25. Culinary Arts • The restaurant industry is the nation’s largest employer outside of government, employing 12.8 billion last year. • This field offers a variety of careers in food preparation and services in hotels, cafeterias, restaurants, and hospitals • Instruction is given in the preparation of menus, purchasing of food supplies, and the cooking and serving of quantities of food.

  26. I kind of think I’d like to be a dentist…

  27. Dental Assistant • Instructional units in this course include dental terminology, dental anatomy, instrumentology, x-ray development, and model making • Students keep dental records, perform clerical and bookkeeping duties, and assist the dentist with preparations.

  28. I like working with computers, but not the programming, sit in front of one all day-type job…

  29. Digital Printing Technologies • Design • Typesetting • Desktop publishing • Camera & darkroom operations • Press and post-press operations • Much of the learning takes place through actual production of printed jobs.

  30. I find electricity and electronic gadgets to be…well… • ELECTRIFYING!!!

  31. Electrical Trades • The course is designed to train students to enter the field of residential, commercial, and industrial wiring and maintenance. • Electricians install electric wiring, switches, lighting fixtures, and other types of equipment. • The electrician also learns about state and local codes, and is able to work from blueprints.

  32. Electronics Technology • Read blueprints, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings, and engineering instructions for assembling electronics units, applying knowledge of electronic theory and component • Assemble, test, and maintain circuitry or electronic components according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, and knowledge of electronics, using hand and power tools • Identify and resolve equipment malfunctions, working with manufacturers and field representatives as necessary to procure replacement parts • Provide customer support and education, working with users to identify needs, determine sources of problems and to provide information on product use

  33. I know that I want to help others…

  34. Emergency Services • Emergency medical services include rescue, first Responder and CPR training. • The fire fighting component includes fire fighting techniques, handling hazardous materials, and fire investigation. • Students need to be in good physical condition to complete the course.

  35. Health Occupations • This program offers hands-on instruction of basic nurse aide and medical assisting skills. Students receive instruction in procedures involved in examination, care of and treatment of patients. • This includes, but is not limited to bathing patients, providing mouth care, feeding the dependent patient, transferring and positioning patients, bed making, hand washing and gloving, and measurement of a patient’s height, weight and vital signs, • This course also offers basic emergency care and certification in CPR and use of the AED.

  36. I know I want to work with my hands, but not carpentry… • I’m good at figuring out problems, and like to fix things…

  37. Heating, Vent., Air cond. & Plumbing • installation, maintenance, and repair of all types of heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment, soil and waste sanitation, venting, gas and air lines, installation of plumbing fixtures • making soil pipe joints, joint wiping, soldering, threading, welding and brazing • installation of plastic pipe and glass pipe

  38. I think I want to be a professional decorator or designer…

  39. Interior Decorating & Finishing • Accessible design for the disabled • Accessory planning & blueprint reading • Building model rooms to scale • Client consultation & color coordinating • Designing & fabricating window treatments • Electrical Schematics & floor/space planning • Furniture style identification & arrangement • Kitchen/bath planning

  40. I like to be busy, and wouldn’t like to sit still for very long… • I also think it would be cool to learn to drive the equipment that people use to move things in stores/warehouse around…

  41. Logistics & Materials Management • purchasing procedures • storage methods & computerized inventory • use of material handling equipment • shipping, receiving and stock handling • human relations, job interview skills • merchandising math, entrepreneurship

  42. I kind of like woodworking, but would rather work with metals…

  43. Precision Machining • This course consist of precision measuring, machining tool operating, blueprint reading, metal characteristics, electric discharge machinery, computer programming, and advanced mathematics. • In addition to these skills, students may earn credentials through N.I.M.S (National Institute for Metalworking Skills) based upon national machining standards. • FREE TOOLS!

  44. Welding Technology • Welding is a method of joining materials by applying heat, pressure, or both with or without filler metal, to produce a permanent fusion.   • Welding processes:  MIG, TIG, robotic welding, plasma welding, electric and oxy-acetylene, as well as the cutting of metals • These five basic areas cover about 95% of the field in welding.  The other 5% is comprised of highly specialized types for which additional training is required. • Blueprint reading is also an integral part of the program.

  45. I would love to work in a store/have my own business • I’m really good at talking!

  46. Retail Marketing/Entrepreneurship Retail Marketing/Entrepreneurship is a program for upbeat, outgoing, career-minded people.   • Learn sales, distribution, and marketing operations.  • Marketing education teaches selling, promotion, product/service management, distribution and marketing information management.  • Technical knowledge of products and/or services marketed, communications, economics, technological and computer skills, are emphasized • Good “people skills” needed

  47. GACTC Open HouseThursday, December 6th 5:00-8:00pm • See for yourself what the classrooms look like • Visit as many classes as you want • Ask questions when you go • Only happens once each year • Getting more information can really help you decide what’s best for you • See your counselor with any questions