welcome to art n.
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Welcome to Art!

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Welcome to Art! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Art!. With… Ms. Wachsmuth. Fun facts about Ms. Wachsmuth…. I was named after the Greek goddess, Nike. Not the shoe… . I’ve been skydiving from 11,000 feet high! I can solve a rubrics cube I have an older sister who is ALSO an art teacher!

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welcome to art

Welcome to Art!

With…Ms. Wachsmuth

fun facts about ms wachsmuth
Fun facts about Ms. Wachsmuth…

I was named after the Greek goddess, Nike. Not the shoe…

  • I’ve been skydiving from 11,000 feet high!
  • I can solve a rubrics cube
  • I have an older sister who is ALSO an art teacher!
  • I have read the Harry Potter series over 6 times…
  • I have a dog named Nike
ms wachsmuth s interests
Ms. Wachsmuth’s interests…

Safety first!

  • ART!
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Spending time with family
  • Reading (Harry Potter!!)
  • Camping/Canoeing
  • Ice skating
  • Animals
  • Plants
what we will learn
What we will learn!
  • Art techniques!
  • Different Medias!
  • Different processes!
  • Art History!
  • Materials!
the art room
The Art Room!
  • A place to express yourself!
  • My door is alwaysopen. I’m here for you.
  • Everyone can make art. be unique and always try!
  • APositive Attitude will get youfar! Be proud of your work.
  • Respect this space we share together. Respect one another. Be kind!
  • I will play music if students are effectively working on their art. Ms. Wachsmuth listens to good music! However, iPods are allowed only after I am done talking/lecturing/demoing.
ms wachsmuth s expectations
Ms. Wachsmuth’s expectations…
  • Respect the classroom, others, and the teacher.
  • Clean up after yourself. Leave the room cleaner than when you found it!
  • Listen
  • Be prepared to makeART.
  • Create the art You want to create – bepassionate about it.
  • Be responsible for your work and yourself!
procedure of the art room
Procedure of the Art Room…
  • Find your seat before the bell rings – prepared with needed materials & supplies.
  • If you are not in the classroom when the bell rings you are tardy – 3 tardy incidences results in lowering your grade.
  • Check the board for any instructions or activities.
  • Get straight to work and stay focused and motivated on art the whole class period. A sketch book will be an option for students who finish projects early – or clean before bell rings!
procedures continued
Procedures continued…


  • Respect our materials!
  • Put everything back where it belongs after using it.
  • If you don’t know where something is – ask!
  • No one leaves the art room until materials are returned to their proper places and the room is cleaned up.
procedures continued1
Procedures continued…


  • Passes to leave the room must be approved and signed by me. However, these passes are only allowed 2 times per quarter.
  • Use them wisely – meaning for a bathroom break, to retrieve forgotten materials, trip to locker, etc.
  • Get there – get back. In 4 minutes.
  • Leaving the room without a pass is unacceptable and will result in consequences determined by me.
procedures continued2
Procedures continued

No No No

Yes Yes Yes

  • Art!
  • Creativity
  • Innovative minds
  • Freedom of expression
  • Positive attitudes
  • No phones
  • No misuse or stealing materials
  • No damaging artwork or art room space
  • No inappropriate language
  • No inappropriate references in artwork meaning no- drugs, alcohol, sex, weapons (unless approved by me for hunting purposes)
procedures continued3
Procedures continued…

Final project due dates

  • Final projects are due at the beginning of class on due dates – otherwise it is late.
  • If you are absent on due date, you are expected to turn in assigned project when you return.
  • I do not accept unfinished work!

Project “parts” due dates

  • Some projects may have several “parts” due before the final project due date.
  • “Parts” due dates are incorporated into your final project grade.
  • You are allowed 2 free late excuses for these “parts” only. However, you are expected to still complete all parts.
procedures continued4
Procedures continued…

Late work

  • Each day your project is late, your grade is lowered 10% (ex: 90% to 80%). This includes the due date!
  • You have up to one week to turn in your late work.
  • After one week, it is turned into a Zero.
grading scale
Grading scale
  • A = 100 – 90%
  • B = 89 – 80%
  • C = 79 – 70%
  • D = 69 – 60%
  • F = 59% and under

Every project is based off 100 points (percent)

  • Rememberpoints will be taken off for late work, tardiness, etc.
  • Effort
  • Creativity and originality
  • Craftsmanship
  • Attitude and participation

Every project will include these factors…

let s get started
Let’s get started!!
  • I’m so excited to share art with you!
  • Keep an open, creative mind!
  • Don’t forget that you are unique and you can accomplish so much!