welcome to our powerpoint presentation n.
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Welcome to our PowerPoint Presentation . PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to our PowerPoint Presentation .

Welcome to our PowerPoint Presentation .

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Welcome to our PowerPoint Presentation .

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  1. Welcome to our PowerPoint Presentation . Today we have researched a museum – The Hong Kong Museum of History . Let’s see the PowerPoint Presentation now .

  2. Hong Kong Museum Of History

  3. Introduction to the Museum The Hong Kong Museum of History opened in 1975, but some of its collections date back to the City Museum founded in 1962 at City Hall. In 1998, it moved to Tsim Sha Tsui. In the museum you can see many things. For example: animals, stones , boats and more.

  4. See you next time

  5. These Are Some Old Hong Kong Building

  6. Old Stones !

  7. Animals we can see in the Museum !

  8. Some Things About Weapons These are ancient weapons.

  9. Some Old Things Used to Catch Fish ! This is something to put fish on to let the fish dry in the sun . Many years ago , most people worked in fishing .

  10. Cannons ! This is something Chinese people used as guns during the Opium Wars.

  11. The Japanese Occupation ! These are some photos about the Japanese Occupation!

  12. Ancient Boats ! These are old boats from 1969.

  13. The End ! Thank you to Miss Chow and Mr. Au for their help with this project . Also , thank you to the Hong Kong Museum of History for letting us take photos . This PowerPoint Presentation was done by Pak Chi Sing , Brian , Paul and Lawrence . The photos were taken by Pak Chi Sing , Brian and Paul . The Museum is open time to the public . The museum hours are Monday , Wednesday-Saturday from 10am-6pm . Sunday and Public Holidays from 10am

  14. Oral Presentations – Plan a Class Outing • Group Members: Chan Chu Yeung • Ching Wing Ho • Lau Ho Kwan • Pak Chi Sing • Topic: The Museum of History • Mark: A • You had a clear idea of what you wanted to do. Very early you decided you would research the Museum of History and that you would do a PowerPoint Presentation. On your proposal you wrote down who would do what. The weekend after I introduced the project, three of you went to the Museum to take photos and look around. You came back to school with lots of photos and a floppy disk to save your photos on. You then started doing the computer work. Every student helped. Every student did what was written on the proposal. You used your time well. On some days I saw the four of you in the computer room after school working on your project. I was happy that everyone was there and not just one or two members of your group. • Your presentation had a lot of good ideas and classmates and teachers enjoyed watching it very much. I also think we can learn a lot from watching your presentation. We can learn about the Museum of History and we can learn how to do a good presentation. Also, from working with Pak Chi sing, I think Lawrence, Brian and Paul learn what it is to work hard. • By the way, I thought using “The Museum of History Newsletter” in your presentation was a good idea. Why did you decide to take that out? • Excellent planning! • Excellent effort! • Excellent team work! • An excellent presentation!

  15. Reflections • Piece of work: Project on Hong Kong Museum of History • This project was done by Pak Chi Sing, Paul, Lawrence and me. We were very happy. Pak Chi Sing, Paul and I went to the Hong Kong Museum of History. We took photos together. We were very happy. When we finished this project we were better friends. I learned writing in the project and I learned about team work. I like this project best of all my projects. -Brian • Brian, Paul, Pak Chi Sing and I used a lot of time to do this Oral Presentation. Although we were very tired after school, we still stayed at school to do the presentation because we wanted to do our best. I learned about team work in this presentation. I was very happy when I was working with them. I think they felt the same as me. -Lawrence • I think doing this project was not very difficult because my group has many people and all the people are very clever too. -Paul