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13 Superstitions of the Asian Gambler PowerPoint Presentation
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13 Superstitions of the Asian Gambler

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13 Superstitions of the Asian Gambler - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation showing 13 Asian gambler superstitions.

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Qualex Asia Limited

Thirteen Craziest Asian Gambler Superstitions


Double Down On Your Data


Many Chinese ”believe in Feng Shui.

They believe the world that they are

living in is full of “chi” or force (positive

or negative), which can be manipulated

to their advantage. While some Chinese

worship Feng Shui as a rational science,

others see it as pure superstition.”

- Professor Desmond Lam

University of Macau

Qualex Asia Limited

Qualex Asia Limited

Be aware of the numerology of your life as the winning numbers are there to be seen and interpreted.

Qualex Asia Limited
  • Do check into a hotel room that has the lucky number 3 or 8 in it.
Qualex Asia Limited
  • Don't check into a hotel room that has the unlucky number 4 or 14 in it.

When playing Baccarat, players should call out "Ding" or "Deng" before opening the cards.

Qualex Asia Limited


Don’t speak the word “books” when someone is gambling as it sounds like “lose” in Mandarin.

Qualex Asia Limited


Before embarking on a major casino trip, pray or make an offering to the gods.

Qualex Asia Limited

Qualex Asia Limited

Never count your winnings or calculate your loses during gambling.

Qualex Asia Limited

Avoid the sight of monks before gambling


Do enter a casino through the back entrance rather than the main entrance as the front entrance is cursed by the feng shui masters.

Qualex Asia Limited


Go to the toilet.

It can bring some good luck if you have been losing money.

Qualex Asia Limited

Qualex Asia Limited


Gambling has been with us since ancient times and it is unquestionably here to stay. Although Poseidon, Zeus and Hades may no longer be dividing the world up in a game of dice, flocks of tourist still flood through the gates of Las Vegas’ Caesars, Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal and Macau’s oddly named casino Greek Mythology. In Double Down On Your Data, author Clive Pearson reveals that we have entered a brave new world of gambling and entertainment, a world where casino executives can cull through their casino’s in-house patron data and discover who are their most profitable patrons. Armed with this information, these casino executives can then market to their most valuable patrons in a highly personal way, thereby creating a long and lasting – and usually highly profitable – relationship.

Double Down On Your Data teaches casino executives how best to manage their customer relations as today they are faced with a gambler who is much more sophisticated than the ancient Roman soldier who tossed a coin in the air and called “Heads or Ships.”