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American Superstitions PowerPoint Presentation
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American Superstitions

American Superstitions

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American Superstitions

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  1. American Superstitions

  2. Vocabulary. • To walk under the ladder • To spill salt • To break a mirror • A black cat

  3. Match the numbers with the letters. • Belief a) знак • Superstition b) лиха доля • Bad luck c) повір’я • Exception d) культура • To get married e) забобон\ прикмета • Sign f) виняток • Culture g) одружитися

  4. Superstitions are beliefs that certain things or events will bring good or bad luck. Every culture has superstitions and the Americans are no exception. There are many situations when Americans wish someone luck, for example, before an exam or when they get married.

  5. There are many well-known signs of bad luck. Americans believe that you’ll have bad luck if you walk under a ladder, spill salt, break a mirror or if a black cat crosses in front of you.

  6. The number 13 is also thought to be unlucky because there were 13 people at Christ’s Last Supper. Some tall buildings don’t have the thirteenth floor. Instead the numbers jump from 12 to 14.

  7. Some people think that they will have a bad day when the thirteenth day of the month is Friday. However, there’s always a way to bring back your good luck, for example, if you spill salt, you should throw a little over your left shoulder.

  8. And if you break a mirror, you should wash the broken pieces.There are various ways in which people try to ensure good luck.Objects which bring you luck include four-leaf clovers ( a clover with four leaves instead of the usual three) and rabbit’s feet.

  9. Some people carry a rabbit’s foot on a keyring. The Americans think that knocking on wood prevents good luck changing to bad, so they often use the expression “ knock on wood”.

  10. Most superstitions are centuries old but superstitions change. Fifty years ago, nobody opened an umbrella in the house because they thought this might cause a death in the family. Today not so many people think about this superstition.

  11. In general, Americans don’t take very seriously all these superstitions

  12. Make up questions to the underlined words. • A lot of people believe in good luck. • Walking under the ladder is not a superstition for Ukrainian people. • The number 13 is unlucky for some people. • All high buildings in our country have the thirteenth floor. • I am not afraid of Friday the thirteenth day of the month.

  13. Answre the questions. • Do you believe in luck or not? • Do you believe in any superstition? • What superstitions are typical for Ukrainian people? • Do you believe in bad luck if a black cat crosses your way? • Have you ever knocked on wood? If yes then when and why?