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Superstitions ( 미신 ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Superstitions ( 미신 )

Superstitions ( 미신 )

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Superstitions ( 미신 )

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  1. Superstitions (미신)

  2. Superstitions in America This Friday we can enjoy one of America's most popular superstitions: It is normal to tell scary stories on this day, so here is my scary story This is a true story

  3. My friend’s older sister (Amy) told me how to meet a ghost on Friday the 13th Superstitions in America When I was 7 years old 1. Take a candle into a dark bathroom 2. Say the ghost's name 3 times while spinning in a circle 3. Then look into the mirror The ghost's name is Bloody Mary

  4. Then I went into the bathroom and turned off the light. Superstitions in America On a dark night in 1991 I lit my candle I put the candle in front of the mirror Even with the candle it was still very dark and scary

  5. Bloody Mary Superstitions in America I then had to spin in a circle 3 times and say her name The first time was easy Bloody Mary The second time was harder

  6. The last time Superstitions in America And when I did I saw her! ------ --------- I was too scared to look in the mirror

  7. Superstitions in America When I saw her I screamed and ran for the bathroom door. I am not sure, but I think she tried to kill me as I ran away

  8. Superstitions in America In America we have lots of superstitions. Here are a few common ones.

  9. If you see someone sneeze: Other common supersitions Say “bless you” or evil spirits (악마) can enter them

  10. Never open an umbrella inside Other common supersitions Or you will have bad luck

  11. Never walk under a ladder Other common supersitions Or you will have bad luck

  12. Toasting with an empty glass is bad luck! Other common supersitions If you toast with water someone will drown (익사하다)!

  13. Hockey players should not shave during the playoffs Sports superstitions

  14. The magazine Sports Illustrated Is the most famous sports magazine in the US Sports superstitions But if your team is on the cover of the magazine your team will lose

  15. Double numbers is good luck Sports superstitions

  16. If you are playing well, you should not wash your clothes or you will wash off your good luck Sports superstitions

  17. Not all superstitions are bad:

  18. A horseshoe on your door Other common superstitions can bring good luck to your home

  19. A wish on a shooting star will come true Other common superstitions

  20. If a ladybug lands on you, you should have good luck Other common superstitions If you kill one: you will have bad, bad, bad luck

  21. If you can catch a leaf on the 1st day of autumn Other common superstitions You will not get sick all winter

  22. If your left ear itches (가렵다): Other common superstitions If your right ear itches (가렵다): Someone is talking bad about you Someone is talking good about you

  23. Part 1: Is a test about other common superstitions. If you do not know the answer take a guess. Part 2: Let's make a new Superstition. Our worksheet

  24. True or False 4. It is good luck to cut your fingernails on Friday or Sunday 2. Four-leaf clover is good luck 5. Breaking a mirror is bad luck 3. Knock on wood to break a jinx 1. A rabbit's foot is bad luck False! It is GOOD luck True! True! For 7 years (년) True! You should knock 2 times False! It is BAD luck