document management software makes business operations easy n.
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document management software makes business operations easy PowerPoint Presentation
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document management software makes business operations easy

document management software makes business operations easy

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document management software makes business operations easy

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  1. Document Management Software Makes Business Operations Easy WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM By: Gary Maxwell, President

  2. Document Management Solutions High quality document management solutions allow businesses to address their document management needs efficiently and cost-effectively. A quality record management company’s software provides fast, accurate document capture for all document types and easily adjusts to your business’s ever-changing needs. This software can manage the entire process, from scanning and recognition to verification and the delivery of data and images to all document management solutions, databases and business applications. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM

  3. Streamline Business Processes Automate Document Solutions by Routing to Streamline Business Processes Make standard business operations easy to execute and easy to manage by electronically routing documents, alerting users of pending work assignments and tracking progress step by step using document management software. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM

  4. Create Process Efficiency Document Solutions Create Process Efficiency Make tasks easy by providing work step instructions and putting all the necessary data at your fingertips. Identify process inefficiencies and bottlenecks with continually updated reports showing document status. Gain competitive advantage by electronically controlling business processes from the office or via the Internet. Integrate email quickly into business practices using email and attachments to initiate a workflow process. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM

  5. Improve Customer Service Document Solutions Improve Customer Service Increase customer satisfaction by decreasing document processing time. Respond to customer requests quickly with prioritized work queues and time-sensitive alerts. Give customers instant answers by electronically viewing the status of their request from your desktop. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM

  6. Enhance Security & Compliance Document Solutions Enhance Security and Compliance Provide documented evidence of compliant procedures with detailed audit reports. Monitor compliance by tracking live document progress with continually updated activity reports. Ensure proper procedures are completed within set timeframes by receiving alerts showing stalled or inactive documents. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM

  7. Simplify Report Management Document Solutions Simplify Report Management Streamline business with automated print stream processing that makes data manageable and searchable. Manage everything from one system that indexes, searches, displays and distributes reports. Control report quality before processing by previewing fully formatted samples with index values. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM

  8. Reduce Data Management Costs Document Solutions Reduce Data Management Costs Reduce printing and storage for large volumes of documents with electronic reports. Distribute information quickly and cost effectively by searching and emailing reports. Reduce approval processing time by automatically routing reports through standard business procedures. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM

  9. Improve Process Efficiency Document Solutions Improve Process Efficiency Configure processing jobs easily, without scripting or programming, using point-and-click setup. Process information when it’s convenient and during off-peak hours with user-defined schedules. Maximize storage space without compromising speed by compressing files to approximately one-third their original size. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM

  10. About the Author Gary Maxwell is President of Integra ECM, a leading document management company serving Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah for over 35 years. Learn more about our document management company by visiting today. WWW.INTEGRAECM.COM