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The Brothers Grimm

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The Brothers Grimm. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. 1785 -Jacob Grimm was born in Hanau, Germany. 1786 - Jacob’s brother Wilhelm Grimm was born. The boys were 10/11 years old when their father died. An aunt sent them to a prestigious school. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.

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The Brothers Grimm

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jacob and wilhelm grimm
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
  • 1785 -Jacob Grimm was born in Hanau, Germany.
  • 1786- Jacob’s brother Wilhelm Grimm was born.
  • The boys were 10/11 years old when their father died. An aunt sent them to a prestigious school.
jacob and wilhelm grimm1
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
  • Jacob and Wilhelm collected fairy tales from local story tellers who would go from village to village, telling their stories.
  • 1812 -First volume of tales were published
  • People objected to the stories, stating that they were too violent for children. The Grimm brothers wanted to keep the stories authentic and in their original form.
fairy tales
Fairy Tales
  • They are also called Marchen.
  • Setting is an unreal world. Time/place is not specified.
  • Characters are often not named, but are given names that describe them.
  • Involve magic and magical characters.
  • Often have talking animals.
fairy tales1
Fairy Tales
  • Good characters are rewarded, bad characters are punished.
  • The hero is often humble, young, stupid, and/or small who overcome adversity to win the contest, marry the princess, and/or become rich beyond her/his wildest dreams.
  • Often end with the hero living happily ever after.
fairy tale road
Fairy Tale Road
  • In Germany, there is a fairy tale “road” which highlights several areas where the Brothers Grimm’s stories take place.
  • The Fairy-Tale Road runs approximately 370 miles from Hanau in the south to Bremen in the north.ousehold-tales/
stop 1 hanau
Stop 1: Hanau
  • The birthplace of the Grimm Brothers
stop 2 3 schwalm region
Stop 2/3: Schwalm Region
  • Setting of Little Red Riding Hood
  • Visit the Museum to see traditional clothing Little Red Riding Hood could’ve worn.
stop 4 castle sababurg
Stop 4: Castle Sababurg
  • The Castle of Sleeping Beauty
stop 5 hamlin
Stop 5: Hamlin
  • Setting for the Pied Piper, a rat catcher who lured the town's children away, never to be seen again.
  • Visit the rat catchers house
  • See the old Glockenspiel at the "Hochzeitshaus" (Wedding House) that reenacts the legend of the Pied Piper.
  • The home of the Bremen town musicians, the witty animals that outsmarted the thieves.
  • Visit their statue on the central town square.