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The Influence of the Brothers Grimm PowerPoint Presentation
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The Influence of the Brothers Grimm

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The Influence of the Brothers Grimm

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The Influence of the Brothers Grimm

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  1. The Influence of the Brothers Grimm by Gwen Perry & Karen Marberger

  2. Unit Summary • Students read two versions of a fairy tale, the Brothers Grimm and Disney. • Students, organized in collaborative groups, will research the Grimm Brothers, fairy tales, their components. • Students will identify common storylines. • Student groups will report on their research in a Power Point presentation or a brochure. • Students will analyze the cultural, historical, and present-day interpretations of Grimm fairytales. • Identify the values being portrayed through the stories and determine the relevancy of those same values today. • Students will collaborate in small groups to create a newspaper. • Students will write a comparative essay using two versions of the same fairy tale with suggestions for applying the values in fairy tales to modern lives.

  3. CFQs • Essential Question: • Why do we tell stories? • Unit Question: • How do fairytales teach the values of a culture? • How do we apply the themes of stories to life? • Why do you think fairy tales always take place a long time ago? • Content Questions: • What are the components of a classic fairytale? • Name three fairytales whose themes resonate across the world? • Describe how and why the Grimm Brothers created their collection of fairytales.

  4. Students will… • Be able to conduct a critical analysis of different versions of international fairytales. • Communicate with each other using a variety of technology tools. • Be able to extract the values within the fairytales and apply to modern life. • Present research via brochure using available software. • Create a newspaper using a fairytale with a collaborative group. • Write a paper addressing fairytales values and applying them to real life.

  5. Gauging Student Needs Assessment • Use CFQs to learn • Students share ideas about why stories endure through journaling and discussion. • Assess 21st Century Skills • Students will demonstrate their ability to effectively utilize email, wikis, blogs, and computer programs through the sharing of their research and creative ideas electronically.

  6. Gauging • Students will use self reflection to analyze their work. • Students reflect collaboratively to evaluate group work.