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The Brothers Grimm

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The Brothers Grimm. By: Katja. Who are the Grimm Brothers?. Jacob Ludwig Grimm. Wilhelm Carl Grimm. 1786-1859. 1785-1863. The Grimm’s Birthplace. Family History. Father Philipp Wilhelm Grimm 1751-1796 , A very respected lawyer Mother Dorothea Zimmer 1755-1808 9 children

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who are the grimm brothers
Who are the Grimm Brothers?

Jacob Ludwig Grimm

Wilhelm Carl Grimm



family history
Family History
  • Father Philipp Wilhelm Grimm 1751-1796 , A very respected lawyer
  • Mother Dorothea Zimmer 1755-1808
  • 9 children
  • 3 sons die during infancy
  • Leaving 5 boys and 1 girl
unfortunate events
Unfortunate Events
  • 1791 the Grimm’s move to Steinau
  • Philipp Grimm obtains a district magistrate position
  • Family had a large home with servants
  • Philipp Grimm passes in 1796 due to pneumonia
  • This causes a major declass in the family
  • Jacob & Wilhelm are sent to Lyzeum High School by their Aunt Henriette Zimmer
  • Jacob graduates in 1802
  • Wilhelm in 1803
  • Both at the head of their class
  • Jacob & Wilhelm proceed to Marburg University together hoping to follow in their fathers footsteps
  • Jacob drops out to follow Roman Law expert Friedrich Karl Von Savigny and moves to Paris
  • Wilhelm receives a law degree in 1806
some more events
Some more Events
  • Dorothea Zimmer dies in 1808 at age 52
  • Jacob overwhelmed takes a position as Librarian in Kassel to support his siblings
  • Wilhelm soon follows to work with Jacob in Kassel
  • This is when the story collecting began
the facts
The Facts



It was believed that the Grimm’s brothers went around to various peasants collecting tales

  • Grimm’s primary method for collecting tales was by inviting story tellers to their homes and writing the information down
  • Story tellers consisted of young educated woman from middle class to aristocracy

The Grimm’s wanted the people to know the basic truths about the customs and practices of the German people and on preserving their authentic ties to the oral tradition

kinder und hausmarchen
Kinder-und Hausmarchen
  • English translation Children’s and Household Tales
  • 1812 1st volume was published. Consisted of 86 stories and folktales
  • 1814 2nd volume is published. Consisted of 70 stories and folktales
  • All together the Kinder-und Hausmarchen saw 8 editions
  • The final contained 200 stories and folktales, including 10 children's legends
their achievements
Their Achievements
  • The Grimm brothers produced a significant amount of books during their lifetime
  • Jacob Grimm publishes 21
  • Wilhelm Grimm publishes 14
  • Together the brothers published 8
grimm s scholarly contributions
Grimm’s Scholarly Contributions
  • Folklore
  • History
  • Ethnology
  • Religion
  • Jurisprudence
  • Lexicography
  • Literary Criticism
further more
Further More
  • 1819 Jacob and Wilhelm receive honorary doctorates from the Marburg University
  • 1825 Wilhelm marries Henriette Wild a former story teller, having 4 children(3 boys & 1 girl)
  • Jacob resides with Wilhelm and Henriette
  • The Grimm brothers were always inseparable
the later years
The Later Years
  • 1829-1830 Grimm’s leave Kassel accepting librarian positions in the University of Gottingen
  • Wilhelm fears for his family’s welfare and accepts a position as Ordentlicher professor
  • 1837-1841 the Grimm brothers take a stand along with 5 colleagues against Ernst August King of Hannover over Constitutional rights
  • This resulted in the loss of their jobs
  • They were called the Gottingen Seven
  • The Grimm brothers accept jobs at the university of Berlin
  • Jacob leaves in 1848
  • Wilhelm in 1852 dedicating themselves to their own studies and research
the grimm s final days
The Grimm’s Final Days
  • Wilhelm Carl Grimm dies on December 16, 1859 at the age of 73
  • Jacob Ludwig Grimm dies on September 20, 1863 at the age of 78
some fairy tales
Some fairy tales
  • Aschenputtel…. Cinderella
  • Schneewitchen… Snow White
  • Rumpelstilzchen
  • Rotkappchen… Little Red Riding Hood
  • Hansel und Gretel…. Hansel and Gretel
  • Der Froschkonig…. The Frog King
  • Dornröschen….. Sleeping Beauty
their intentions
Their Intentions
  • The Grimm’s were writers of violent vivid imagery
  • Their fairy tales would allow us to work through our fears
  • Also the Grimm’s wanted to teach people lessons on moral values “Right & Wrong”
  • The number one message that people were to gain out of their stories was… “Children should use their brains to overcome any situation”
walt disney
Walt Disney
  • Today's versions of children's stories are toned down
  • Its more of a “Happily Ever After” theme
  • It was made so children wouldn’t have fear or nightmares

The Fairy Tale Road ambles for 370 miles through German Landscapes

That evoke dreams-and nightmares.

some stories with violent themes
Some stories with Violent Themes

Snow White


Red Riding Hood

The Goose Girl

Hansel and Gretel

Sleeping Beauty

some examples of the violence
Some Examples Of The Violence
  • In Hansel and Gretel the witch was burned to death in her oven
  • In Cinderella the stepsisters try to cut off parts of their feet in order to fit into the slipper, thus deceiving the prince pigeons came and pecked their eyes out
  • In The Goose Girl a servant girl was dragged to death in a barrel spiked with nails
  • In Snow White the witch is forced to wear red hot iron shoes and danced herself to death
little red cap
Little Red Cap
  • Once she gave her a little cap of red velvet, which suited her so well that she would never wear anything else; so she was always called Little Red-Cap.
illustrations of snow white
Illustrations of Snow White

Grimm’s Snow White

Disney’s Snow White

interesting things to know
Interesting Things To Know
  • Kinder-und Hausmarchen came second only to the Bible as the best seller in Germany and remains that way today
  • There are theme parks, films, books, and plays dedicated to the brothers Grimm
works cited
Works Cited