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Tim Green. About His Life. Tim Green was born December 16 th , 1963 in Liverpool , NY . He went to Syracuse University and studied writing and law. Tim played defensive linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons until he retired in 1994.

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About His Life

  • Tim Green was born December 16th, 1963 in Liverpool, NY.
  • He went to Syracuse University and studied writing and law.
  • Tim played defensive linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons until he retired in 1994.
  • Upon retiring, he had already published his first book, The First 48. He became a lawyer, a writer and a television broadcaster.
  • Tim is on the board at GolisanoChildren's Hospital in New York.
  • Tim has written more than a dozen books for adults and writes sports novels for kids.
what motivated tim green to write
WHAT MOTIVATED Tim Green to write?
  • His passion for sports motivates him to write about sports
  • He loves to write
  • Quotes:
  • “It’s not easy growing up, but it sure can be fun”
  • “Being successful is fun on the field and in the classroom”
the genres of tim green books
the genres of Tim Green books
  • Tim's books are mostly sports fiction because of his background playing football and other sports.
  • A couple of his books are nonfiction, about getting to the NFL (National Football League) and being in the NFL.
what do people enjoy about his books
What do people enjoy about his books?
  • People love his wonderful figurative language
  • People think that it was cool how he was a football player and now a writer
  • People love visualizing his writing
  • People enjoy his artistic style
  • People like his charters and plot
tim green s awards
Tim Green’s Awards

Tim green won many different awards throughout his career.

  • Young Adult Book Awards
  • IRA Middle Grade Choice award 2009/2010
  • 2013 Nutmeg Book award
  • CBC Childrens Choice list
what you can find on his website
What you can find on his website?
  • Information about his books.
  • You can find out when some of his new books are coming out.
  • You can also find out about any contests that might be going on.
  • You will learn that he use to be a NFL player and he also studied law. Then he began his writing career and working as a TV broadcaster on FOX NFL Sunday. He has also been on other shows including  Battlebots, Good Morning America, Court TV, A Current Affair, and most recently, Find My Family.
  • You will also find out that Tim Green likes to play the saxophone.
thank you
Thank You!

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