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Introduction to ArcPad: Mobile GIS PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to ArcPad: Mobile GIS

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Introduction to ArcPad: Mobile GIS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to ArcPad: Mobile GIS

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  1. Introduction to ArcPad: Mobile GIS Gregory Vandeberg, Ph.D. Department of Geography

  2. Outline • Introduction • What is ArcPad? • What can you do with ArcPad? • What do you need to run it? • Using ArcPad • Main components and menu • Creating and editing data • GPS • Forms • Field Exercise

  3. Mobile GIS Program ESRI, Redlands, CA 7.01 current release (10/2006) Interfaces with ArcGIS Handheld portability GPS interface possible ArcPad Application Builder Extensions such as GPS Correct Introduction: What is ArcPad? Image: Trimble

  4. Use existing GIS data Capture data in field Query data Measure distances Navigate with GPS Edit data in field What Can ArcPad Do?

  5. GIS data files transferred from ArcGIS Multiple layers Symbolism Data types Shapefile ArcPad graphics ArcPad Photos MrSID MG2 and MG3 JPEG and JPEG2000 TIFF GIF PNG Windows bitmap CADRG ArcIMS Images Services Use Existing Data in Field

  6. Query layer or layers to find item or location Query Data

  7. Capture Data in Field • GPS • Imagery (digital camera) • Range Finder Image: ESRI ArcGIS ArcPad, p. 4

  8. Edit Data or Create New Features

  9. When creating new layer, quickform helps to fill in data Quick Forms

  10. Application BuilderExample Form: Tree Inventory Source: ESRI Arcscript by Robert O’Donnell, Denver Tree Inventory, 2004

  11. Equipment Desktop PC PDA (e.g. HP IPAQ, Trimble Recon) Tablet PC Memory 64 mb RAM for Mobile PC Software Desktop (Windows 2000 or XP) Windows Mobile (Windows Mobile 2003 5.0, Windows CE 4.2, 5.0) Microsoft XML 4.0 Service Pack 2 Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8 or higher Running ESRI ArcPad Source: Source: Trimble

  12. Supported protocols National Marine Electronics Association. (NMEA) 0183, version 2.0 Trimble Standard Interface Protocol (TSIP) Rockwell PLGR Protocol Delorme® Earthmate® Examples Flash card GPS Trimble Recon GPS Recon XC External GPS Bluetooth wireless connection Cable connection ArcPad with GPS Capabilities Source: Trimble

  13. ArcPad Extensions for GPS • Trimble Software Extensions • Terrasync • GPS Pathfinder Office • Post processing • GPS Correct Extension • Used for realtime corrections • Post processing with Pathfinder or GPS Analyst • GPS Analyst for ArcGIS

  14. Menu Items Main toolbar Browse toolbar Edit toolbar Command Bar Using ArcPad

  15. Map is main document in ArcPad Main Toolbar: Open Map

  16. Data must be in supported format Data must be in same projection Must have enough memory Main Toolbar:Add Layer and Table of Contents

  17. Turn on GPS Set Preferences Turn on GPS extensions Main Toolbar:GPS Position Window and

  18. Main Toolbar: Tools and Help • Add toolbars • Set path options

  19. Navigation Move about map Rotate Information Query data Start Editor Command Unlock and lock Toggle on editor pen Navigation and Command Toolbars

  20. Select editable layers in Table of Contents Activation of Edit Toolbar turns on command bar Edit Toolbar

  21. Microsoft ActiveSync used to move data between devices Mobile device is not visible in ArcCatalog Getting Data into ArcPad

  22. ArcPad Tools in ArcGIS • ArcPad 7.0 tools in ArcGIS will create map document, and transfer files • Sets extent

  23. Data can be created by editing existing shapefile, form, graphics layer or photo layer Data can be created by making new form, graphics layer or photo layer Creating and Editing Data

  24. GPS connected via serial cable, flash card, Bluetooth, etc. GPS tool is activated from main toolbar Preferences must be set for particular GPS unit GPS Tool

  25. GPS Position Window and Options Source: ESRI 2004, Using ArcPad. p. 180 Source: ESRI 2004, Using ArcPad. p. 180

  26. Position shows up on map Can mark point to travel to Can also use GPS to create shapefiles and tracks GPS and ArcPad: Navigation Source: ESRI 2004, Using ArcPad. p. 193

  27. Create point with current GPS location Create line vertices streaming Create polygon vertices streaming GPS and Editing Source: ESRI 2004, Using ArcPad. p. 324

  28. Allows for creation of forms for filling in field data Can be applied to previous shapefiles Can also use templates from ESRI ArcScripts Use ESRI Applications Builder for more advanced forms Forms

  29. Field Exercise • Load ArcPad Map • Create new point shapefile • Trees around hotel • Create new line shapefile • Sidewalks near hotel • Create new polygon shape file • Hotel parking lot • Use GPS to edit new shapfiles

  30. References and Resources • ESRI, 2005. ArcGIS 9 Using ArcPad. Redlands, CA: ESRI Corporation. • Free Online Workshop from ESRI •