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World Traditional Medicine Patent Database. Yanhuai Liu, President Beijing East Linden. Values of TCM.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Yanhuai liu president beijing east linden

World Traditional MedicinePatent Database

Yanhuai Liu, President

Beijing East Linden

Values of tcm
Values of TCM

  • Developed and refined over thousands of years by the Chinese people for use in the prevention and treatment of disease, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is one of mankind’s greatest treasures.

Inner Canon of Huangdi

World traditional medicine patent database
World Traditional Medicine Patent Database

World traditional medicine patent database (WTM) produced by East Linden is the world’s first and only traditional medicine patent database with integration of multinational patent resources.

Database coverage


Over 180K basic patents in traditional /natural medicine field(over 500K patent family members) are included.

Countries & Organizations


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US : 1985 to present

CN: 1985 to present

Others: 1985 to 2008

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Chinese Standard Name

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Uses/Effects Subject Terms

Drug Classification

Bibliographic Information

Auxiliary files
Auxiliary Files

  • Natural Medicine File

    • Collect all natural medicine existed in patent documents. More than 13000records are included

    • Unique code system provides Traditional Medicine Classification (TMC) for TCM.

  • Compound Registry File

    • Collect all active chemical components existed in patent documents. More than 14000 chemical components are included

  • Formula Information File

  • Synonym Dictionary

World traditional medicine registration file
World Traditional MedicineRegistration File

  • World Traditional Medicine Registration File is designed to collect the natural medicine information all over the world.

  • On the basis of WTM registry file, more than 13,000 medicinal plants and 8,600 source plants are included in the file.

Indexed term it it code itc
Indexed Term (IT)/ IT Code (ITC)

  • According to the character of natural medicine patent, the patent was classified in eight invention subjects with indexed term code.

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Statistic Analysis

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User Folder

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WTM Patent Database has been used by patent examiners ofSIPO

of China as a major prior art database for pharmaceutical field.

Workshops of WTMPD in SIPO of China

Usages of this database
Usages of This Database

  • Prior art search

  • Pharmaceutical research

  • Infringement search

  • Freedom to operate

  • R & D

Wtmpd usage examples
WTMPD Usage Examples

  • The database has been used heavily by examiners at SIPO for prior art search.

  • In 2009, by using our two databases - WTM patent database, TCM compound registry file and Shanghai TCM non-patent literature database , combining modern structure –biology technology and drug design technology, a research group has found a new way to design a new TCM recipe that may prevent and treat H1N1 virus infection.

Thank you for your time and attention

Thank you for your time and attention!

Liu Yanhuai

East Linden, Inc.

Tel: 86-10-82074090


Cell: 86-13621196207

Email: [email protected]