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Linden, Michigan PowerPoint Presentation
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Linden, Michigan

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Linden, Michigan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Linden, Michigan
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  1. Linden, Michigan By Justin Rebock

  2. Location Latitude 42.814 Longitude 83.782 Linden is located in southern Genesee county in the lakes area. It is 14.5 miles south of Flint and 50 miles northwest of Detroit.

  3. Cities Surrounding Linden Fenton Flint Holly Byron

  4. Population There are 2,861people The median age is 41.8

  5. Plants and Animals The plants and animals are the same as the ones in South Eastern Michigan.

  6. The Weather/Climate in summer The average high and low temperature in the summer is 58 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rain in summer is 3.5 inches.

  7. The weather/climate in the winter The average temperature in the winter is 20 to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. The average rain is 2 inches. The average snow is 10.01 inches. The typical sky cover is cloudy.

  8. The Land of Linden Some of the landforms in Linden are slow rolling hills and flat land. It is 2.4 square miles. It has 14 small lakes which cover 1.24% of its area. The soil is great for farming corn.

  9. Interesting attractions Linden mill It features a small shopping area It has several antique gift and unique item shops

  10. How people in Linden make their living Building cars Local businesses Farming Working in the school

  11. What Linden is known for Linden is known for the Linden tree that’s how the city got it’s name.

  12. First Inhabitants The first Inhabitants were the Paleo Indians They were from Asia and they would hunt, farm, make clothes and eat.

  13. Historic events The Linden fire was one of the big historical events, the date of the fire was Friday May 18, 2007.

  14. Map

  15. Other fun facts The zip code is 49945 91% of the people drive to work every day 69% of the housing is owner occupied

  16. Resources Wikipedia Ask City data

  17. Questions What is population in Linden What month did the fire happen How many miles away is it from Flint What is Linden known for

  18. Thank you for watching my slide show!!