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All About. Chickens. To Chicken or not to Chicken ?. This is the main question Definitions Philosophy of chicken life Conclusions. Why students chicken out?. Verb [ intrans. ] ( chicken out ) informal withdraw from or fail in something through lack of nerve

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all about
All About
  • Chickens
to chicken or not to chicken
To Chicken or not to Chicken ?
  • This is the main question
  • Definitions
  • Philosophy of chicken life
  • Conclusions
why students chicken out
Why students chicken out?
  • Verb [ intrans. ] ( chicken out) informalwithdraw from or fail in something through lack of nerve
  • This does not explain anything: we all do not have nerve.
  • Why is it chicken out?
  • Not chicken in? Not chicken away?
  • This is a more universal phenomenon: we all tend to be afraid of the outside world: we freak out (why not in?) when we are forced to face it
  • Chicken shit is the key to the problem
chicken shit as a philosophical concept
Chicken Shit as a philosophical concept
  • What is it? It has nothing to do with chicken feces.
  • Results for Chicken Shiton the Web
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  • Idioms
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  • Idioms:chicken shit
  • 1.  Contemptibly petty or insignificant. For example, He has spent his life making up chicken shit rules that nobody follows anyway. This expression gained currency during World War II, when it was often applied to the enforcement of petty and disagreeable military regulations. [Vulgar slang; c. 1930] 2.  Cowardly, as in You're not too chicken shit to come along, are you? [Vulgar slang; mid-1940s]
  • Marine Corps Dictionary:Chicken Shit
  • Stupid and petty stuff usually directed by someone of more rank or authority.
chicken shit as a philosophical concept1
Chicken Shit as a philosophical concept
  • No good: does not even scratch the surface
  • Dig more on the Web:
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chicken shit as a philosophical concept2
Chicken Shit as a philosophical concept
  • It is definitely a UNIVERSAL notion:
    • exists on different levels of our society: military, politics, education, culture ...
    • International phenomenon: we have our US CS; so do Germans, and, believe me, Russians also have tons of CS
  • We can touch it and can hear it
  • It is very likely an important by-product of the humankind
  • Salute to CS!

Life is a balance of things: positive/negative, inert/active, Yin and Yang

It is more informative to consider the balance of life forces as the balance of two universal ingredients:

chickeness (fear of action, the stabilizing factor) and

stupidity (the driving force of human activities)