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Finding and Keeping Good People

Finding and Keeping Good People. Dale Perram Vice President Perram Electric. Most of the following slideshow has been stolen from our yearly presentation with all of our employees.

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Finding and Keeping Good People

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  1. Finding and Keeping Good People Dale Perram Vice President Perram Electric

  2. Most of the following slideshow has been stolen from our yearly presentation with all of our employees. • For your purposes, what we offer may not be important. What is important is that we sell the employees on what we offer. • It is one thing to provide benefits, but they can be a waste of your money if nobody understands them. • And now the show

  3. There was a survey I heard about recently That tried to determine what it is that makes some companies very successful while others fail.

  4. Who their customers are, What part of the country they were in And a whole bunch of other things Like if they have new and high-tech equipment, How long they’d been in business, The size of the company, They analyzed things

  5. They Came Up With One Overwhelming Answer • Any Guesses?


  7. Perram Electric was started by Dale and “Jo” Perram after the companies they worked for STOPPED TAKING CARE OF PEOPLE. We feel that no matter how good OUR management is, it is the people in the organization that will determine it’s success or failure. To find and keep good people, we felt that we needed a good benefits package.

  8. Here is Perram Electric’s Approach to a “GOOD” Benefits Package.

  9. First we need to find Good People… • $600.00 “Bounty” to any employee who refers a qualified applicant. • Paid to the referring employee after the new hire is here for six months. • With one exception, we have located all of our people over the past 15 years by word of mouth.


  11. COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE • We help train people for the CDL license. • We also dangle a pay increase. • CDL Physicals are paid for by the Company • As well as the cost of all mandatory drug testing

  12. IMSA CERTIFICATIONS • These certifications are required by our customers. • To motivate, automatic wage increases are given out for obtaining your IMSA Level I ($1.00 per hour) and Level II Certifications ($2.00 per hour)

  13. TUITION REIMBURSEMENT • Successful completion of school year for Apprenticeship or other pre-approved relevant training or education qualifies for 100% tuition reimbursement • We even paid for one of our Project Engineers to get his MBA. – Yes he is still with us.

  14. We Want To Hang On To Our People, So we provide things like…

  15. UNEMPLOYMENT ???!!! • Yeah, it’s mandatory that employers provide unemployment coverage. • And it’s nice to know it’s there… • BUT, in the 21 years we’ve been here, we’ve never had to lay people off.

  16. WORKERS COMPENSATION • Provides coverage for medical bills in the event of a work-related injury. • Pays 72% of your average weekly wage in the event you are unable to work.

  17. Again, this is mandatory .But what you may not know… • We often pay the medical expenses and wage continuation ourselves on the less serious claims. • The benefit to you is the medical bills are paid much quicker and you won’t be hounded for payment when workers comp sometimes takes months to process them. • And you get that paycheck each and every week instead of waiting on workers comp to process your claim.

  18. We Want To Keep You Refreshed and Revived So Please Take Advantage of Your…

  19. VACATION TIME • 1 Week after 1 year of employment • 2 Weeks after 3 years of employment • 3 Weeks after 10 years of employment • Your “vacation year” starts on your date of hire. Unused vacation days will be forfeited - In most cases, they can not be “rolled” into the next year and the Company will not “buy it back”. It is your responsibility to keep track or check with the office!

  20. Labor Day Thanksgiving Christmas Day You must work the scheduled days before and after holidays or your holiday pay may be forfeited. New Year’s Day Good Friday Memorial Day July 4th PAID HOLIDAYS

  21. HOLIDAY SHUTDOWN • We shut down field operations for two weeks, office operations for one week. • Notes to the people watching today: • No pay – No unemployment offered • Immensely popular

  22. A Few Perks For Our People • That not many Construction Companies Provide

  23. 3rd SHIFT PREMIUM • We haven’t had anyone working nights recently, but just as a reminder, we do pay a 10% premium on your wages if you do. • The shift must be a minimum of six continuous hours • It must include the hour of 1 a.m. – 2 a.m. • And you need to put a big old checkmark in the “nights” column on the timesheet – if you put your time down as 6:00 – 4:00 the office has no idea if you worked from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 6 p.m. to 4 a.m.

  24. OUT OF TOWN EXPENSE • If you’re working outside of our “home territory” you will be provided with an allowance to help offset your extra expenses. • We listened to your concerns and actually have a couple of different programs going right now • But traditionally you will receive $45 per night you stay out of town. • Don’t forget you mark your timesheet!

  25. MILEAGE • We keep up with the IRS maximum allowable reimbursement (anything more than this and you’d have to pay income tax on it!) • The 2007 Rate is $0.485 per mile • Paid any time you must use your personal vehicle for Company Business - hauling materials or people, running errands, etc. • Mileage is not paid to and from the jobsite, but will be paid if you must go from one job to another during the day. • Turn you books in by the 20th of the month and you’ll have a check on the 25th. Turn it in by the last day of the month, and you’ll have your check on the 10th.

  26. TOLLS REIMBURSEMENT • Just so we’re all on the same page… • Won’t be paid if you’re using the turnpike for your convenience to and from the job • Will be paid if you are driving/ hauling Company Equipment to a jobsite

  27. SAFETY AWARDS • We encourage everyone to work safely and present quarterly safety awards for those who do. • We also have the yearly safety jacket award • Remain incident free for a whole year and receive a coveted “Proud To Be Incident Free” Jacket. • Your slate is wiped clean at the beginning of our “Safety Year”, which is April 1st, so let’s see how many jackets we can award this year!

  28. BOOT ALLOWANCE • We used to offer a rebate on Redwing Boots, but since not everyone likes Redwings, • We’ve expanded the program to include any “good” boot. • Turn in a copy of your receipt and receive $25.00 • Warm Dry Feet Are Happy Feet 

  29. To Take Care of Our People

  30. HOSPITALIZATION • Full Coverage provided for employees • Coverage available for spouse and/or dependents at reasonable rates • We manage our hospitalization rates in order to keep costs down for you and the company.

  31. Current Benefits at a glance: • Stay IN NETWORK to receive the best benefit • Office Visits - $20 co-pay • Prescriptions - $10 Generic, $20 ”preferred” brands, $30 Namebrand • MUST use mail order for any prescription you fill more than 3 times or you will pay double

  32. For anything more major like x-rays, testing, surgeries, etc. • Our plan has a $2,000 deductible • After that, they pay 100% of all additional charges • Included with the hospitalization plan is the Value Vision Plan which offers discounts for eye exams and glasses at participating providers

  33. FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT • Allows you to pay for expenses pre-tax which saves you an average of 25% • Sign Up Yearly – Plan runs from May 1 through April 30 • If things change, you can always sign up next year! • 3 Different Options To The Plan

  34. Premium Conversion • If you cover spouse and/or dependents on our hospitalization plan, you can pay the premium with pre-tax dollars • No Fee for this portion of the plan • All you need to do is be sure you get signed forms back to me each year and you’re all set!

  35. CHILD CARE REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT • Costs can be paid with pre-tax dollars through this account. • Use worksheets or speak with your accountant to determine whether this is a greater savings than the tax deduction on your income tax return • Limited to $1,000 the first year of employment, $5,000 thereafter

  36. Unreimbursed Medical Expenses • Use pre-tax dollars to “pay yourself back” for many medical expenses • Limited to $1,000 your first year of employment, $5,000 thereafter.

  37. Office Visit Copay Prescription Copay Deductible Eye Exams, Glasses or Contacts Dental Work Many Over-The-Counter Medications like Aspirin/Tylenol, Cough Medicine, Allergy/Cold Medication, Stomach Remedies Use the money for things like

  38. Here’s An Example of How it Works… • Think of it like buying something for $1,000 and getting a $219.00 REBATE! • And you’re on the “easy payment plan” with a weekly deduction right from your paycheck. • (Your actual savings may differ based on your personal income tax rate)

  39. SHORT TERM DISABILITY • If you have an illness or injury • (which is not job-related) • Your short term disability coverage will pay you up to 60% of your base wage while you are unable to work • Base Wages which the insurance is set on do not include bonuses or overtime and start at about $340 per week for a G1. • Injuries are covered from the first day, illnesses have a 7-day waiting period. • Short Term Disability payments last for up to 6 months.

  40. If you have a more serious disability and are unable to work for longer than 6 months • we also have

  41. LONG TERM DISABILITY • Again, Long Term Disability pays you up to 60% of your base wage • And continues to cover you, as long as you are disabled, until you are eligible to receive Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

  42. Short and Long Term Disability • There are several benefits to the Company: • Employees feel more secure (Employees talk to each other) • Lower workers compensation claims • Why lower claims? • the employee does not need to fake a work claim to cover a weekend accident. • Cost is about $30.00 per employee per month

  43. For Your Peace of Mind

  44. BENEFITS CONTINUATION PLAN • If you are unable to work for an extended period of time for such things as a Short Term Disability or Workers Comp Lost Time Claim, many of your benefits will be continued at no cost to you • Hospitalization Premium – the company’s portion as well as any dependents or upgrades you normally pay for will be covered for the 3rd –10th week of absence. After that time, you would be eligible to continue your coverage with us through Cobra for up to 18 months. • Disability Insurance Premium covered for 2 months. If you are on a disability claim, you would be responsible for additional premiums until you are eligible for Long Term Disability at which time no further premium payments are required. • Full service credit towards vacation time for up to 10 weeks. Returning after 10 weeks of absence, service credit would be pro-rated.

  45. EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM • Need help with your personal life? • Support, guidance and resources are available through your choice of two Employee Assistance Programs • Available to you and all family members living in your household. • 24-Hour Access • Completely Confidential • Brochures are available at the office.

  46. To Provide For You Now

  47. WORK PERKS PROGRAMFROM NATIONAL CITY BANK • Interest Checking Accounts • No Monthly Maintenance Fees • Free Online Banking and Bill Pay • Preferred Rates and Discounts on Various Services • You can pick up a brochure in the office

  48. ACCESS TO MEDINA COUNTY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION • Free Accounts • Competitive Loan Rates • Special Savings Rates • You can see us in the office for information on the Credit Union too.

  49. To Provide for Your Future

  50. 401(k) PLAN • Company Contributions made yearly for those not working under prevailing wage. • Rate is based on profitability of the Company and has averaged 15% on top of your wages. • 6-Year Vesting Schedule

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