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Finding and Keeping Good Employees

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Finding and Keeping Good Employees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding and Keeping Good Employees. I are a HVAC tech. I am here about the job. I have my tools in the truck, when do I start?. Now What?. There is a way to find good, qualified techs. It’s a 4 step process. Step 1, Application. Have a formal, written application.

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I are a HVAC tech.

I am here about the job.

I have my tools in the truck, when do I start?

now what
Now What?
  • There is a way to find good, qualified techs.
  • It’s a 4 step process.
step 1 application
Step 1, Application
  • Have a formal, written application.
    • On it, you need to ask a few questions, like:
      • Previous employers.
      • Social Security Number.
      • Texas Drivers License Number.


You need to reference 3 other documents.

      • A position description listing specific details of the job.
      • The company’s Drug and Alcohol policy.
      • State of Texas Statutes on Background Checks.
and very important
And Very Important.
  • Ask on the last line of the application:
  • Do you have any physical limitations or restrictions from any source that will prevent you from doing this job without accommodations?
  • And require them to sign the form.
step 2 position description
Step 2, Position Description
  • Have a Position Description.
  • What does a Position Description do, you ask?
    • Education Requirements.
    • Physical Requirements.
    • Job Duties.
    • Legal Requirements:
      • State of Texas Criminal Background Check.
    • Company Requirements
    • Insurance Company Requirements:
      • MVR Check.
      • Previous Injuries Check.
      • Drug and Alcohol Check.
make sure you post the position description with the job
Make Sure You Post the Position Description with the Job.
  • Make sure the applicant reads the Position Description.
  • By referencing the Position Description in the application, you are assuring that the applicant can do what you need them to do without reservations.
  • It also assures that applicants with restrictions from Drs from previous injuries are aware of the requirements for this job.
step 3 drug and alcohol policy
Step 3, Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Required by Federal Statutes for any/all Federal, State or Regional government contracts.
  • Required by all Workers Compensation carriers as a way to prevent workplace injuries and a way to deny injuries from employees who violate the policy by Texas Department of Insurance guidelines.
you want your company drug free
You Want Your Company Drug Free
  • Better work ethic.
  • Higher quality of work.
  • More efficient.
  • Less time missed.
  • Lower probability of accidents/injuries.
  • More profits.
  • Less lawsuits.
  • But mostly, it keeps your company qualified for gov’t contracts, which usually happen despite the economy.
step 4 job offer
Step 4, Job Offer
  • Once you have done your homework, make the PROSPECTIVE employee an offer of employment, contingent upon.
    • Successful Drug and Alcohol testing.
    • 30-60-90 day probation period.
    • Proven job skills.

And finally, remember, Texas is an “At Will” state, meaning an employee has a job at the will of the employer, as long as they meet job requirements.

other benefits of these policies
Other benefits of these policies
  • Less on and off the job injuries.
  • If an employee is injured, all employees are tested for Drugs and Alcohol post accident. The Position Descriptions are used by the Dr to determine Return to Work status, a good thing.
  • But most importantly in this day and this economy, your company runs better, meaning profits to keep running.
thank you
Thank You

The only Workers Compensation program sponsored by TACCA, made up of the members of TACCA and paying dues to TACCA.