finding people
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Finding people

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Finding people - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding people. finger command finger [email protected] Finger command generally works on local network It may not work on other networks. You cannot finger [email protected] from outside of finger –l gives more information. Finding Site Owners.

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finding people
Finding people
  • finger command
  • Finger command generally works on local network
  • It may not work on other networks.
    • You cannot finger [email protected] from outside of
    • finger –l gives more information.
finding site owners
Finding Site Owners
  • Whois command used to find who owns a site.
  • 2-step process:
    • Type whois hostname to find whois server
    • Type whois –h (whois server name) hostname
  • Eg: whois
    • Then whois –h
whois 2
Whois 2
  • Access .gov whois files differently
    • Don’t put the www in front of the domain.
  • Other country domains
    • -- United Kingdom
    • -- France
  • General site for country-specific domains:
  • Text-based browser
    • lynx
  • Up-down arrows scroll among links
  • Left = back, right = forward
  • Enter = click on link
  • Space = pagedown, - = pageup
  • G = go to another site
  • Q = quit
lynx bookmarks
Lynx bookmarks
  • Type a then d.
  • That will save a bookmark.
  • To use the bookmark, type v to view them and then select one.
entry forms
Entry forms
  • Let you enter data and send it to the server.
  • Can be buttons, text, dropdowns, etc…
  • Can cycle through form elements using tab.
  • Can hit enter or click on a certain send button to send this data.
  • Use search engines to find webpages
  • Start searches simple.
  • Make them more specific only as necessary.
  • Search engines have programs that search the web for pages and data.
  • Not all data is webpages
  • Type some keywords into the space given.
  • The search engine will look for pages with those keywords
  • Some require AND’s between words, some don’t (like google).
  • The results will be displayed.
displaying search results
Displaying Search Results
  • Generally the results appear as a list of links.
  • There may be several pages of results.
  • There may be short excerpts from the document.
  • There may be a cache.
  • There may be options to download.
  • There may be other links or suggestions on the page.
subject indexes
Subject Indexes
  • Example: Yahoo
  • Hierarchical menus that let you find the subject you want.
  • Eg, Tennis elbow :
    • Health ->Diseases ->Sports ->Tennis Elbow
  • Search by idea rather than by exact phrases.
meta searches
Meta searches
  • Metacrawler searches other search engines for your query
  • It waits a few seconds, then displays the top results from each
  • Can be useful since different search engines use different methods for finding and categorizing pages.