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Climate vs. Weather

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Climate vs. Weather. What comes to mind when you think of weather in…. Miami, FL? The Sahara Desert? Alaska?. Weather vs. Climate. Weather- the current condition of the atmosphere at a particular time and place

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what comes to mind when you think of weather in
What comes to mind when you think of weather in…
  • Miami, FL?
  • The Sahara Desert?
  • Alaska?
weather vs climate
Weather vs. Climate
  • Weather- the current condition of the atmosphere at a particular time and place
  • Climate- the average weather (temp., precip., winds, clouds) of a particular location
weather vs climate1
Weather vs. Climate

Weather = what it is

Climate = what it shouldbe

factors affecting temperature
Factors Affecting Temperature

1. Latitude

  • Tropics: warm all year
  • Temperate Zones: warm summers, cold winters
  • Polar Zones: cold all year
2 altitude
2. Altitude
  • As altitude increases, temperature decreases
  • Latitude doesn’t matter if you’re high up
3 distances to large bodies of water
3. Distances to large bodies of water
  • Marine Climate: mild winters, cooler summers (less temp. range)
  • Continental Climate: cold winters, hot summers (more extreme range)

Lincoln, NE

July: 89°F

Jan: 35°F

Seaside Heights, NJ

July: 85°F

Jan: 41°F

4 ocean currents
4. Ocean Currents
  • Warm currents – bring warmer than normal temps.
  • Cold currents – bring cooler than normal temps.
memory trick
Memory Trick…




Distance to a

Body of




factors affecting precipitation
Factors affecting PRECIPITATION
  • Prevailing Winds
    • Winds that blow from large bodies of water bring more precip.
    • Lake Effect Snow in N. America
factors affecting precipitation1
Factors Affecting Precipitation
  • Mountain Ranges
    • Windward: facing wind
    • Leeward: away from wind
    • Rainshadow Effect:
      • Moist air climbs the windward side
      • Air cools, condenses, precipitates on windward side
      • Remaining dry air goes over mountains to leeward side
      • Windward side has more precip. than leeward side

Seasonal Winds:

    • Monsoons: sea and land breezes over a large region that change direction with the seasons
    • Summer monsoon: sea breeze; lots of precip.
    • Winter monsoon: land breeze; drier
exit card
Exit Card
  • What are 4 factors that influence temperature?
  • What are the 3 factors that influence precipitation?
  • Do Monsoon winds affect temp. or precip?
  • Which region will have a colder winter, marine or continental?