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Ensemble modeling of carbon and water fluxes for NACP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TOPS. BGC. CASA. LPJ. BEAMS. SimCYCLE. …. More. Ensemble Modeling Framework.

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Ensemble modeling of carbon and water fluxes for nacp








Ensemble Modeling Framework

The TOPS framework provides expedient access to heterogeneous real-time or retrospective datasets and a multiprocessing platform. By leveraging this framework, a ‘working environment’ for the NACP modeling exercise was quickly constructed.

The required inputs were generated, reformatted and staged for each of the models in an attempt to provide a standardized set of inputs, when possible. The processing stream developed has proven an efficient means for running the ensemble and exploring model and data intercomparison. This framework allows us to potentially run the ensemble iteratively, altering base inputs and or adjusting model parameters.

We aim to encourage a collaborative processing and data rich environment allowing others to utilize inputs through distribution channels and or submit modeling software through ecocast.

Ensemble modeling of carbon and water fluxes for NACP

Weile Wang1, Andrew Michaelis1, Hirofumi Hashimoto1, Petr Votava1, Jennifer Dungan2, Forrest Melton1, Ramakrishna R. Nemani2, Kazuhito Ichii3, Cristina Milesi1

1. Foundation of California State University Monterey Bay / NASA Ames; 2. NASA Ames Research Center ; 3. Fukushima University / NASA Ames;


Model & Data Products

Over a Common Grid, First Pass


Data Distribution and Access

We began the process of conducting a VEMAP-style modeling exercise in support of North American Carbon Program (NACP). Public-domain versions of the following ecosystem models: BGC, TOPS, CASA, LPJ, SIMCYCLE, BEAMS will be used in the proposed experiment to evaluate uncertainties in estimating carbon fluxes associated with model logic. A standard set of model inputs a la VEMAP is prepared using the Terrestrial observation and Prediction System (TOPS) modeling framework. The input data consists of satellite-derived LAI/FPAR(MODIS, AVHRR), climate data (station networks and gridded data), soils data (ECOCLIMAP), terrain data (SRTM) and other data over the North American region. Upon the projects completion, all inputs and ensemble outputs will be made available via the ecocast website or ftp to the community for further exploration and analysis

Climate Data (William M. Jolly et al., (2004))

Daily or monthly 1982-2006: Maximum, minimum and dew-point temperatures, precipitation, vapor pressure deficit, incident daily solar radiation and select IPCC climate model outputs

Satellite Data

AVHRR/MODIS monthly LAI/FPAR 1982-2006.

MODIS 12Q1 land cover (IGBP and UMD)

TOPS Model (

Daily gross primary production, net ecosystem exchange, Evapotranspiration

CASA (C.S. Potter et al., (1993), version 2003.04.29)

Monthly gross primary production, net primary production, net ecosystem exchange

LPJ (Sitch, S. et al., (2003), version 3.1.1-0.9.02)

Monthly gross primary production, net primary production, net ecosystem exchange

BGC (White, M.A., Thornton, P.E., Running, S.W. and Nemani, R.R., (2000) version 5.0)

Daily gross primary production, net primary production, net ecosystem exchange

BEAMS (Sasai T., Ichii K., Nemani R.R., Yamaguchi Y., (2005))

Monthly gross primary production, net primary production, net ecosystem exchange

SimCYCLE (to. A. and Oikawa, T., (2000))

Daily gross primary production, net primary production, net ecosystem exchange


ECOCLIMAP (Masson et al., (2003)) soils (%sand, %silt, %clay, rooting depth) from Météo France, Mauna Loa Observatory CO2 measurements

Web based Exploration

Rudimentary graphics of all products will be posted on the ecocast website. Some basic query functionality will be made available soon. The example below is hosted at

FTP download

Data products are provided via ftp at

WCS (version 1.0.0)

Experimentation with Web coverage services (WCS) as a data distribution mechanism have been successful thus far. In the near future data will be provided via WCS to the public. Supported GetCoverage response formats are NetCDF3, following a slightly modified CF-1.0 convention.

Preliminary Examples of Inputs and Model Outputs



Model Outputs

Acknowledgment: Funding for this study was provided from NACP and ACCESS programs.