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Greatest Discoveries

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Greatest Discoveries
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Greatest Discoveries

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  1. Greatest Discoveries Everything has a start

  2. Machines, gadgets and other things that change our way of living, helping us in our work and making it very easy. These inventions that change the very life that we know and became the inspiration of a new inventions. These invention make a mark on human history and it will be a lifetime, here are some of the greatest inventions that molds a new generation:

  3. Electricity The electricity is one of the greatest inventions ever made, it started a spark to many new inventions. Electricity is an associated presence or flow of electric charge with the set of physical phenomena. Electricity became mainframe of the modern inventions, electricity has been a mystery since the ancient times till inventions and scientist manages to harness and create electricity in our disposal.

  4. Light Bulb Within the discovery of electricity many have been invented like the Light Bulb. The light bulb or electric bulb produces light with the use of electricity. Not just with lights, electric bulbs have other uses like in oven toaster to heat our food and in our television. Perfected by Thomas Edison in 1879 but started by Joseph Swan in 1860.

  5. Airplane Invented by the Wright brothers in 1903 and made the first human flight ever recorded in history. With this invention many airplanes take shape within time gaining more size and flying more heights with different size and appearance, totally one of the best inventions ever made. Travelling became faster and further.

  6. Wheel The wheel has been invented in the year 3500 BC for transporting many things, ancient Egypt uses the wheel to make the pyramid and in medieval times for their catapult and carriages. The wheel has been used in many purposes and have been a tool for many other inventions. With the use of the wheel and axle transportation have been more easy and handy.

  7. Paper The paper is an important invention in the human history and the most used inventions. Use for writing and sending messages this small and thin invention comes a long way until to the present. From ancient literature to modern books, invented I china in the year 2nd century AD.

  8. World Wide Web The World Wide Web or WWW is invented 1989 by a British computer inventor and scientist and a former employee of CERN Tim Berners-Lee. This fascinating invention is a great discovery and very helpful to modern days. With this invention people all over the world can communicate with just one stroke of a hand and seconds to say “Hi”.

  9. There are hundreds of inventions all over the world and more will surely comes and changes every single way of our living. One invention can trigger various more outstanding inventions.