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Ancient Discoveries…

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Ancient Discoveries…

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  1. Ancient Discoveries… … Contemporary Value

  2. Safe Harbor Statement Safe Harbor Statement Under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. In accordance with the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation reform Act of 1995, the Company notes that statements in this presentation, and elsewhere, that look forward in time, which include everything other than historical information, involve risks and uncertainties that may affect the Company's actual results of operations. The following important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements: project financing; new scientific findings; our products may not be accepted by the market; and we may have difficulty in hiring and retaining key personnel.

  3. SMW Gold – Positioned for Growth • Junior exploration and mining company. • One of the first foreign companies to secure concession right in Egypt. • Time-tested assets. • Partnership with Egyptian Mineral Resources Authority. • Close proximity to Centamin’s recently commissioned Sukari mine. Map of SMW Gold Concession Areas

  4. Doing Business in Egypt • New laws recently opened gold mining for foreign investment. • SMW Gold – among the first to secure concession rights. • Agreement with EMRA - 20-year exploitation lease with a 10-year option . • Tax exemptions on extraction, production, • export, and transportation of minerals. • Reasonable environmental controls. • Modern infrastructure. • Low cost of production.

  5. Time – Tested Assets • Egypt was the main gold supplier of the ancient world. • As much as 95% percent of gold volume is estimated to remain as part of resources. • Ancient mining did not exceed 25 meters in depth. • SMW Gold concession areas contain premier ancient mining sites. • Concession areas are in close proximity to modern gold production sites. Remains of ancient gold processing/refining operation

  6. Exploration Strategy • Areas with gold grade in veins of 30 g/t and more are primary targets for exploration. • Main goal to transition from underground mining of rich vein ore to open pit large-scale linear stock work. • Deposits to be assessed with limited cut-off grade of gold in ore at 0.3 g/t. • Expected average grade of 0.9 g/t. • Expected average grade for plant processing of 1.8 g/t. • Geochemical prospecting of gold deposits continues at scale of 1:50000. Channel Sampling of trenches for ore zone 1 of El Sid deposit

  7. Competitive Advantages • Concession areas are located in Egypt’s most developed eastern part. • Concession areas contain some of the premier ancient mining sites with outstanding potential under contemporary mining technology. • Extensive country knowledge supported by a network of well-placed contacts. • Good relationships with national and local officials and experienced management team with excellent track record in start-up projects. • Strong geological similarities to Centamin’s recently commissioned Sukari mine. Map of waste piles of ancient and modern mining at El Sid Mine Deposit

  8. Concession Areas Characteristics Um Balad El Fawakhir • 100 km northwest of Hurghada, about 40 km inland from the Red Sea. • Includes two ancient gold mines and six ancient copper mines. • El Urf/Um Monqul copper-gold deposits have many of the characteristics of the recently recognized “Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold” (IOCG) type deposits. • Average grade values of gold in ore zones are 1.53 and 1.73g/t. • Close proximity (70-80 km) to a highway, railroad, and power line. • Includes three historic gold mines, as well as other known auriferous zones. • Close relationship between the granite and the gold mineralization is similar to that of the recently commissioned Sukari mine about 100 km south. • Average grade values of gold in ore zones are 1.53 and 1.73g/t. Total forecasted gold resources of over 470 tonnes / 16.6 millionounces

  9. Um Balad • Over 900 fire assay and spectrographic samples for gold and other elements. • El Urf/Um Monqul area contains anomalously high levels of gold, copper and molybdenum over an area of about 10 km2. • The copper-gold mineralization and extensive red hematite alteration exhibit many characteristics of the recently recognized “iron-oxide- copper-gold” (IOCG) type deposits. • The large areal extent of the copper-gold mineralization suggests there may be potential for the • discovery of a large low-grade open-pit type deposit. Map of Um Balad Concession Area Location

  10. El Fawakhir • Over 1,000 fire assay, atomic absorption, and spectrographic samples for gold and other elements. • The shear hosted quartz-vein type gold mineralization forms an auriferous zone about 5 km in length and from 200m to 900m in width along the western margin of the granitic intrusion. • Main deposits have potential for discovery of low-grade open-pit gold deposit. • Close proximity (100km) to and similar relationship between the granite and the gold mineralization as at Centamin’s recently commissioned Sukari mine. Map of El Fawakhir Concession Area Location

  11. Selected Resource Information

  12. Activities To-Date • Systematic mapping and sampling of concession areas. • Study of geological structure of the license areas. • Creation of geological maps at 1:50 000 scale. • Rock chip and trench sampling according to the formal Russian State methodology. Sample Preparation Procedure

  13. Planned Activities • Geological mapping at 1:2000 and 1:1000 scale for the areas with anomalously high levels of gold, copper and molybdenum, supported by a full range of activities to provide basis for mineral resource estimation. • Channel sampling and drilling at the El Urf/Um Monqul copper-gold prospect. • Geochemical sampling at Um Balad followed by a drilling program. • A survey of the El Sid underground workings to establish their layout and to sample any exposed veins and cross-cuts. • Locating the initial drill-holes to test any auriferous veins and their strike and down-dip extensions at El Sid mine.

  14. Historical Reference On the photograph below is the map of one of the world’s most ancient mining regions Wadi Hammamat, which is located on the territory of SMW Gold’s El Fawakhir concession area. Wadi Hammamat region is shown on a papyrus map dating back to the times of Ramesses II. This map was discovered between 1814 and 1821 by agents of Bernardino Drovetti, the French Consul General in Egypt. The map came from a tomb in the ancient village of Deir El-Medina, near the modern-day city of Luxor (ancient Thebes). This village housed the workers responsible for excavating and decorating the royal tombs of the Egyptian New Kingdom (1539-1075 BC) in the nearby Valley of Kings and Valley of Queens. - With collaboration from James A. Harrell, Professor of Geology, Department of Environmental Sciences, The University of Toledo

  15. Directors and Key Personnel • Mark Lisnyansky, has been working in asset management since 1994 with a special focus in portfolio management and private equity investments into emerging Europe. Mr. Lisnyansky is a founder and president of several companies, among them, a leading global portal for magnesium professionals. Mr. Lisnyansky also serves on Boards of Directors for several start-up companies in the metallurgical, financial, and renewable energy industries. • Maxim Dlugy serves as MD of Optim Advisors Private Equity Fund. He was a n MD of Trans-National Research Corp.; Vice President at Bankers Trust Company of New York; Co-manager of Russia Growth Fund, Diversified Russia Fund, and Russia Opportunity Fund; MD of Trans-National Research; President of Navigator Advisors. Ranked #1 in the world by the World Blitz Chess Association, Mr. Dlugy was the President of the U.S. Chess Federation and World Junior Chess Champion. • John Litvinchuk, is a certified PMP with over 20 years of experience in finance managing multi-million dollar projects at Fortune 50 companies. BA in Economics - Yale University, MBA in Finance - New York University; US Junior Chess Champion. • Alexei Petrov, MBA, is a General Director of Fleming Family & Partners Russia Real Estate Fund and has previously served as MD of AIG Financial Services, responsible for strategic development in Russia. • Karim Matar, Managing Director, Egypt, has detailed experience in advising and representing overseas companies investing in Egyptian Oil & Gas and other natural resource projects. • Dr. Vladimir Shashkin has nearly 40 years of natural resources experience in the former USSR and Spain, including the position of deputy head of the Regulatory Department at the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation. Dr. Shashkin has been personally involved in the discoveries of a number of gold and platinum deposits. • Dr. Valery Narseev has over 54 years of experience in geology and science, including rare and precious metals exploration for Kazakhstan Ministry of Geology and positions as Deputy Chairman of Kazakhstan Institute of Mineral Resource, Director of Central Scientific and Exploration Institute of Basic and Precious Metals and Diamonds (CSEIBPMD), and consultant for a number of Russian and foreign mining companies. • Dr. Mikhail Konstantinov has over 49 years of experience and geology and science, including explorations of gold deposits in Transcaucasia, North-Eastern and Far-East regions of Russia, as well as in Yakutia and Middle Asia. Dr. Konstantinov has served as the head of the Department of Precious Metals and Diamonds (CSEIBPMD) from 1972 to 2007, and has been a member of technical council of Ministry of Geology of USSR.

  16. CONTACT INFORMATION Phone: 1-973-628-8800 E-mail: