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Significant Discoveries

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Significant Discoveries. By: Mohammed.a. Holtermans Nugget. In October 1872 Holterman's Nugget was found. At that time it was the largest gold nugget ever found it weighted 286 kg and measured 150 cm. Largest Gold nugget.

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holtermans nugget

Holtermans Nugget

In October 1872 Holterman's Nugget was found. At that time it was the largest gold nugget ever found it weighted 286 kg and measured 150 cm.

largest gold nugget

Largest Gold nugget.

This nugget is the largest known to date in Victoria and was found on the 5th of February 1869, Near 15 kilometres to the northwest of Dunolly, near a mining town called Moliagul. The finder, John Deason and Richard Oates found the nugget 3 centimetres under a tree . The nugget weighed 72 kg and at the time of discovery was the largest known gold nugget in the world, measuring 60 by 45 by 19 centimetres.

the welcome

The Welcome

The Welcome was discovered at Bakery Hill, Ballarat by the Red Hill Mining Company on the 15th of June 1858. It was near 180 feet down and was a Weird shape. The nugget was exhibited in Melbourne for many weeks and later sold and melted down in London in November 1859. The nugget weighed 71.3 kg measured 53 by 28 by 16 centimetres and assayed at over 99 per cent pure gold.

the hand of faith

The Hand Of Faith

This nugget was found behind the State School in Kingower, Victoria in 1980. It weighed about 27.2 kg and measured 45 by 19 by 10 centimetres.

schlemm nugget

Schlemm Nugget

This nugget was found by Henry Davey in Dunolly, near Wilson's Lead on the 11th of November 1872. It weighed 538 ounces and measured 31 by 30 by 8 centimetres in size. The exact name of the place where the nugget was found is "The Shoots".



This nugget was found during November 1872 in Eureka Gully, which is part of the Jordan’s gold field, between Berlin and Wehla, Victoria. It was found by Wilton and party and weighed in at 155 ounces, measured 17 by 16 by 5 centimetres. It was also associated with some quartz and ironstone.

the little jack

The Little Jack

Found at the rich Poseidon Lead, Tarnagulla, Victoria, by Jackson and Hughes on the 4th of February 1907, this 252-ounce nugget measured 22 by 14 by 10 centimetre.

lady loch

Lady Loch

Found on the 23rd of August 1887 by the Midas Mining Company in Sulky Gully Ascot, Victoria 114 feet underground. The nugget weighed 617 ounces and measured 34 by 21 by 7 centimetres.