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Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School

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MCAS JEOPARDY. Click PgDn to Start. Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School. F. HOME. TEAM 5. TEAM 1. TEAM 2. TEAM 3. TEAM 4. TEAM 6.

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Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School

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    1. MCAS JEOPARDY Click PgDn to Start Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School


    3. In the water cycle, rain, snow, or sleet falling to the ground is a form ofA. precipitation.B. condensation.C. evaporation.D. transpiration. ANSWER

    4. A. precipitation

    5. All of the processes listed below cause changes in Earth's surface. Which of the following is the slowest to change Earth's surface?A. earthquake activityB. landslideC. volcanic eruptionD. weathering ANSWER

    6. D. weathering

    7. The picture below shows a sundial.On a sunny day, the gnomon makes a slow-moving shadow on the surface of the sundial. What does a sundial show?A. humidityB. temperatureC. time of dayD. direction of wind ANSWER

    8. C. time of day

    9. A glacier moving down a mountain valley is pictured below. Glaciers are frozen, slow-moving rivers of ice that can move about three feet per day down mountain valleys. How does a glacier help create new soil?A. by carrying living plant material to the oceanB. by scraping small particles off large rocksC. by melting rocks along its path down the valleyD. by freezing small particles of soil to form large rocks ANSWER

    10. B. by scraping small particles off large rocks

    11. The diagram below shows some of the layers of rocks found in the Grand Canyon. Scientists find these layers of rock useful for studying fossils.Grand Canyon Rock LayersWhat type of rock is shown labeled in these layers? A. extrusive B. igneous C. metamorphicD. sedimentary  ANSWER

    12. D. sedimentary

    13. The picture below shows a mineral sample being tested with a metal file.Which property of a mineral is most likely tested in this way?  A. colorB. hardness C. luster D. streak   ANSWER

    14. D. streak

    15. The picture below shows the result of a geological event that changed a mountain rapidly.Which of the following most likely caused the rapid change of the mountain?A. landslide B. snowfall C. wind erosion D. volcanic eruption ANSWER

    16. A. landslide

    17. The diagram below shows how a type of rock is formed over time.This diagram represents the formation of which of the following types of rock? A. igneous B. metamorphicC. sedimentary D. volcanic  ANSWER

    18. C. sedimentary

    19. The picture below shows the water cycle.Water on Earth cycles in different forms and in different locations. Which process occurs at the location labeled X on this diagram of the water cycle? A. condensation B. evaporation C. runoff D. transpiration   ANSWER

    20. A. condensation

    21. DAILY DOUBLEHow much do you want to wager?click PgDn to view question When a volcano erupts, lava flows out from the top. What type of rock is formed as the lava cools? ANSWER

    22. igneous

    23. The picture shows a leaf from a sugar maple tree.Which of the following tree leaves is most likely from a tree that is closely related to the sugar maple?  A. B.C.D. ANSWER

    24. B.

    25. A common grass is pictured below.Which labeled parts of the grass absorb most of the minerals needed by this plant?  A. flowers B. leaves C. stemsD. roots  ANSWER

    26. D. roots

    27. The pictures below show animals from different parts of the world.Which of the following characteristics do all of these animals have that allows them to be classified in the same group? A. fur B. claws C. big ears D. webbed feet  ANSWER

    28. A. fur

    29. Structures like the one shown below can be seen on maple trees at certain times of the year.What is the mainfunction of this structure?A. protection B. pollination C. competitionD. reproduction  ANSWER

    30. D. reproduction

    31. The diagram below shows a food chain. Which of the following is classified as a producer?1 2 3 4A. 1  B. 2 C. 3  D. 4  ANSWER

    32. A. 1 

    33. The diagram below shows a cross section of a tree trunk.What are the main functions of wood in a living tree?  A. support and reproductionB. water transport and support C. protection and reproduction D. water transport and protection  ANSWER

    34. B. water transport and support

    35. A healthy red-flowered tulip plant is shown.Which of the following would occur first as a result of a drought?A. The tulip’s leaves would wilt.  B. The tulip’s flowers would turn blue. C. The tulip’s stems would grow longer. D. The tulip would produce more flowers.  ANSWER

    36. A. The tulip’s leaves would wilt.

    37. The picture below shows a bird.From the shape of its beak and the length of its legs, this bird is best adapted for feeding on which of the following? A. insects that feed on plantsB. small fish in shallow water C. nuts from riverside trees and plants D. birds in ground nests  ANSWER

    38. B. small fish in shallow water

    39. ANSWER

    40. C. beavers building a dam across a stream

    41. The diagram below shows a bean seed that is beginning to germinatein soil. The first structure to emerge is labeled X. What is the function of structure X?A. to make food B. to absorb water C. to produce seeds D. to release oxygen ANSWER

    42. B. to absorb water

    43. The picture below shows three metal objects.Which of the following properties is most similar in all three of these objects?A. hardness B. shape C. sharpness D. weight  ANSWER

    44. A. hardness

    45. Which glass contains only a gas? A.B.C.D. ANSWER

    46. C.

    47. Sandra performed an experiment using the setup shown in the diagram below. Sandra measured the temperature of the water in the bowl in the early morning and in the late afternoon every day for five days. She observed that the temperature of the water was always higher in the late afternoon.Which of the following types of energy was she measuring? A. heat B. light C. magnetic D. mechanical  ANSWER

    48. A. heat

    49. The diagram below shows an incomplete circuit due to a break in the wire at point X. A student is testing materials to see if they conduct electricity. The student places each item shown at position X, making sure the object is in contact with the loose end of each wire. Which item will electricity flow through, causing the bulb to light? A.B.C. D. ANSWER

    50. D.