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Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School PowerPoint Presentation
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Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School

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Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School
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Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School

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  1. MCAS JEOPARDY Click PgDn to Start Created by Mr. Ng Josiah Quincy Elementary School PLEASE DO NOT COPY.

  2. HOME

  3. The surface of the Earth changes due to slow processes such as:a. erosion and weatheringb. landslidesc. volcanic eruptionsd. earthquakes ANSWER

  4. Erosion and weathering

  5. The study of the origin and composition of the earth is called ___. ANSWER

  6. Geology

  7. A part of a plant or animal that lived long ago ANSWER

  8. Fossil

  9. What are natural materials forming the crust or outer layer of the earth called? ANSWER

  10. rocks

  11. What are snow, sleet, and hail forms of? ANSWER

  12. precipitation

  13. A common metal element is a. aluminumb. oxygenc. sulphurd. chlorine ANSWER

  14. aluminum

  15. An element isa. made of several mineralsb. made of several rocksc. one of the building blocks of materiald. a type of fossil ANSWER

  16. c. one of the building blocks of material

  17. Which is not a type of rocks?A. igneous rockb. sedimentary rockc. metamorphic rockd. none of the above ANSWER

  18. d. none of the above

  19. Melted rock material is calleda. sedimentary rockb. metamorphic rockc. magmad. mineral rock ANSWER

  20. c. magma

  21. When magma cools and solidifies, it becomesa. igneous rockb. sedimentary rockc. metamorphic rockd. melted rock ANSWER

  22. a. igneous rock

  23. Pollination is helped bya. wind, water and insects.B. sun, water and roots.C. humans, sun and stems.D. roots, wind and stems ANSWER

  24. a. wind, water and insects

  25. An animal that has thick fur, webbed feet, and blubber would probably live in the a. Arctic Oceanb. Amazon Rain Forestc. Intracoastal Waterway, Floridad. Mojave Desert, California ANSWER

  26. a. Arctic Ocean

  27. DAILY DOUBLEclick PgDn to view question Which body system warns a person that soup is too hot to eat? ANSWER

  28. Nervous system

  29. The BEST way to tell the DIFFERENCE between an oak tree and a maple tree is to compare thea. height of both trees.b. number of leaves on the trees.c. size of the root systems of the trees.d. shape of the leaves. ANSWER

  30. d. shape of the leaves.

  31. Which is not an example of seasonal behavior?a. trees shed leavesb. tidesc. animals hibernated. animals migrate ANSWER

  32. b. tides

  33. Some spiders capture insects in their sticky webs for food. If the insect population died, what could happen to the spider population? ANSWER

  34. The spider population would decrease

  35. Besides supporting the tree, what is another main function of the roots? ANSWER

  36. Take in water from the soil

  37. Which of these will be most difficult for a person who has a disease of the respiratory system?a. waking up for schoolb. eating foodc. staying warmd. taking in oxygen ANSWER

  38. d. taking in oxygen

  39. Which of the animals below are warm-blooded and give live birth to their young?a.reptilesb. amphibiansc. birdsd. mammals ANSWER

  40. d. mammals

  41. Which of the following is an example of an inherited trait?a. interest in sportsb. knowing how to readc. long fingersd. long hair ANSWER

  42. c. long fingers

  43. On a bicycle, you would normally apply _____ to the pedal to move the load. ANSWER

  44. force or effort

  45. Gears help you work more efficiently because they area. wheels with teeth.b. sprockets. c. two different sizes working togetherd. complex machines ANSWER

  46. c. two different sizes working together

  47. Using force to move an object is calleda. gravity.b. work.c. magnetism.d. friction. ANSWER

  48. b. work.

  49. Lubricants, like oil or grease, let some things move more easily by reducinga. weightb. frictionc. massd. leverage ANSWER

  50. b. friction