building character and bullying n.
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Building Character and Bullying PowerPoint Presentation
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Building Character and Bullying

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Building Character and Bullying - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Character and Bullying. Could you be the reason someone is considering suicide?. Activity:.

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Building Character and Bullying

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building character and bullying

Building Character and Bullying

Could you be the reason someone is considering suicide?


In your groups, get 1 egg, 1 length of tape, and 1 set of straws. Using only the tape and straws, construct a covering for the egg that will prevent it from breaking when it is dropped from 8 feet. You may also decorate your egg with markers, giving it clothes, style, fashion, etc. You have exactly 15 minutes to complete this.


Were some shields stronger looking than others?

How many eggs didn’t break?

Did some of the “odd” looking shields protect the egg?

So what does this have to do with character?

Character is defined as those distinctive qualities that describe how a person thinks, feels and behaves.

character traits
Character Traits


Caring Cynical

Citizenship Rebellious

Honesty Unmotivated

Respect Inconsiderate

Integrity Rude

Courage Rigid

Fairness Inflexible

Trustworthiness Unfriendly

Responsibility Lazy

poor character
Poor Character

Think of the egg shields that were “stronger looking”…

These are people worried about appearance, popularity, clothing labels, etc.

They tend to follow the crowd, whether it means bullying, starting rumors, posting mean messages on Facebook, etc.

Generally, people with poor character have a very poor sense of “self”, lack self-confidence and self-esteem and allow other to influence their feelings and behaviors.

good character
Good Character

Think of the egg shields that were “odd looking” but protected the egg, maybe not as flashy…

These people are not worried about popularity, labels on their clothes, trying to fit in, etc.

They tend to act kindly, respect others, try hard in school, surround themselves with good people, etc.

Generally, people with good character demonstrate honesty, integrity, responsibility. They have self-confidence, positive self-esteem, and do not allow others to influence their thoughts or feelings.

would you break
Would you break?

Think about yourself as an egg

from the activity we just did…

What kind of “shield” do you wear around GCIT?

Is it one that represents poor character? Flashy, click-y, following the crowd, putting others down, etc.

Is it one that represents good character? Kindness, Respect, Integrity, etc.

What kind of character do you want to have? Let’s find out…

my shield
My Shield

Take out a piece of paper and draw a shield. Create 6 sections on the shield and number them 1-6. Answer the following questions in the space.

1. Write 3 things you like about yourself or are good at.

2. Write 2 things you would like to improve about


3. Write the nicest, most honorable thing you have done in

the past month.

4. Write your greatest accomplishment so far in your life.

5. What is your most important possession?

6. Yes or No. Have you done anything in the past month

that would demonstrate poor character?


Take a look at your shield…what values can you conclude are important to you?

Valuesare the beliefs and standards of conduct that are important to a person..

They are important to develop and stand by!

Family Charity Friendship

Fitness Education Love

Health Trust Loyalty

Security Motivation Confidence

What action(s) would coincide with the value _________.

your shield
Your Shield

Think of your top 3 character traits. Write them around the outside 3 edges of your shield.

Think of your top 3 values. Write them above your character traits.

What kind of shield do you have? Is it a strong, positive one, that someone with good character would use?

Or is a weak, negative one, that someone with poor character would use?

how do you strengthen your shield
How do you strengthen your Shield?

The way to strengthen your shield is to really get to know yourself and love yourself. Building a positive self-image is vital to good character.

Take some time and finish the statement, “If you really knew me, you would know…”

Get with a partner and read them what you wrote.

Anyone want to share with the class?

strengthening your shield
Strengthening your shield

People with good character show love and support for all friends, family, classmates, and people who they encounter.

Activity: Cross the line. Everyone stand on one side of the room. After I read a question, if it applies to you, cross the line and stay there. After your class has shown support, walk back.

cross the line
Cross the line

Cross the line if you have blonde hair

Cross the line if you have blue eyes

Cross the line if you are an only child

Cross the line if you don’t know what you want to be

Cross the line if your parents/guardians want you to be something you may not want to be

Cross the line if you have ever been told you are not good enough by an adult

Cross the line if you have felt like a disappointment to a parent/guardian

cross the line1
Cross the line

Cross the line if you have ever been made fun of for being ugly or fat

Cross the line if you have ever been told to stop acting like a girl, or act more like a man

Cross the line if you have ever been whistled at, called inappropriate names, a slut, or felt violated

Cross the line if you have ever been called gay, a fag, or anything degrading to your sexual orientation

Cross the line if you have ever been hurt, hit or worse by someone who has said “I love you”

Cross the line if you have ever been teased, insulted, or made fun of by someone in here

cross the line2
Cross the line

Cross the line if you know someone struggling with addiction to prescription or illegal drugs

Cross the line if you know someone who is an alcoholic

Cross the line if a close friend to you has ever died.

Cross the line if a parent or brother or sister has died.

Cross the line if you, or someone you care about, has ever seriously thought about committing or attempted suicide

Cross the line if you have ever bullied or know someone who has bullied.

cross the line reaction paper
Cross the line reaction Paper

Homework:Write a reaction to the “Cross the line” activity.


-What you learned about character

-What you learned about yourself

-Are you happy with your level or character today?

-What changes will you make regarding your character?

-What is the relationship between bullying and character?

bullying right in our backyard
Bullying (right in our backyard)
  • How many people here know someone who has been affected by or part of any type of bullying?
  • How many people here have been directly affected by or part of any type of bullying?
  • Would anyone share their story?
why do people bully
Why do people bully?

Activity: In your groups, come up with a list of why you think people bully others.

why do people bully1
Why do people bully?
  • To avoid facing their own feelings of not being good enough
  • To push their own feeling of personal insecurity onto others (remember the weak egg shell with the tough appearing exterior)
  • To reduce the fear of them being seen as what they really are…weak, inadequate, fearful
  • To divert attention away from their own short comings and inadequacies
types of bullying
Types of bullying

Emotional, ex. telling someone’s boyfriend that his girlfriend hooked up with someone else even though you know she didn’t.

Physical, ex. beating up a student because he is gay.

Verbal, ex. telling a girl the outfit she has on is

ugly, out of style and cheap.

Cyber, ex. posting on someone’s Facebook wall they are not invited to a party you are having this weekend.

discussion questions
Discussion Questions:

Which type of bullying is the worst? Why?

Why do we still have a problem with bullying in our society?

Will you stand up if you witness bullying?

how do we stop it
How do we stop it?
  • Activity: Working in partners, you will construct a professional letter to Dr. Mateka. It must include:

-Opening -what bullying is and how it is impacting GCIT

-Body -an action plan to prevent, handle and discipline students who bully

-Closing -how if your action plan is implemented, it will stop bullying for good at BCIT

how do we stop it1
How do we stop it?
  • Finish your rough draft in class with time allotted
  • Elect one person to type the letter at home and print it out
  • Have all group members sign the letter
  • Turn in for a test grade…your letters will be turned in to Dr. Mateka