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Building Character

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Building Character - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Character. Empathy. What is it?. Empathy is the ability to both recognize and understand the feelings, thoughts, needs and behaviours of others. Empathy. Listening with your heart…. Empathy – Being Able to Walk in Another Person’s Shoes. Empathy – Just Do It!.

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Building Character

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    1. Building Character Empathy

    2. What is it? • Empathy is the ability to both recognize and understand the feelings, thoughts, needs and behaviours of others.

    3. Empathy • Listening with your heart…

    4. Empathy – Being Able to Walk in Another Person’s Shoes

    5. Empathy – Just Do It! • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes • Identify their point of view/perspective • Appreciate the value of their feelings and what they have to say

    6. How do you Listen? Active Listening: • I look at the person speaking to me. • I actively attempt to understand my friend’s point of view and do not discount my friend’s feelings. • I listen without interrupting or changing the subject. • I give my full attention by not getting distracted by other things or people. • I show by my facial expressions that I am really understanding what my friend is feeling.

    7. Active Listening Looks Like…

    8. Not This…

    9. People with Empathy Would Say… Empathy Builders: • “You look upset.” • “I understand how you feel.” • “I am sad that you are hurt.” • “I bet it hurts a lot. How can I help?” • “Good try!” • “That must have been difficult for you.” • “I am happy for you!”

    10. Empathy in Action

    11. Empathy in Action Take the Test • I comfort a friend who is feeling sad or hurt. • I celebrate with my friends when they have experienced something happy. • I stand up for students whom I see bullied. • I do not hurt other peoples’ feelings because I know how it feels to be hurt.

    12. Take the Test • I say “good try” and give compliments because kind and encouraging words feel good. • I share my snack when my friend does not have one. • I congratulate my peers when they succeed at a task. • I hug my brother/sister when they look upset.

    13. How Did You Score? • 3 and under ~ you need to work at understanding other peoples’ feelings • 4 ~ your empathy skills are OK – keep trying to improve • 5 or 6 ~ you are probably a good friend who listens and understands • 7 or 8 out of 8 ~ WOW!! Someone is very lucky to have you as a friend or family member

    14. Images and Voices of Empathy

    15. Here…let me help you.

    16. Good for you!

    17. You can count on me to help.

    18. You look upset. Do you need to talk about it?

    19. You could use a hug…

    20. Did you know that…. Demonstrating empathy: • Builds trust and respect between people • Reduces tension between people • Creates safe and caring environments (reduces bullying)

    21. The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy ~ Meryl Streep