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Balancing Life Roles

Balancing Life Roles. Kearns Jr High Counselors. Mr. Gudmundson—7 th Grade (Last Name A-G) Ms. Dopita—7 th Grade (Last Name H-Z) Ms. Ploch—8 th Grade Ms. Reynolds—9 th Grade. Balancing Life Roles. What is a Role? Balancing Activity What life roles do you play?. 5 Life Roles.

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Balancing Life Roles

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  1. Balancing Life Roles

  2. Kearns Jr High Counselors • Mr. Gudmundson—7th Grade (Last Name A-G) • Ms. Dopita—7th Grade (Last Name H-Z) • Ms. Ploch—8th Grade • Ms. Reynolds—9th Grade

  3. Balancing Life Roles • What is a Role? • Balancing Activity • What life roles do you play?

  4. 5 Life Roles • Family Member • Child, Sibling, Adult, Spouse, Parent, Grandparent, etc. • Community Member • Town, School, Classroom, Religion, Culture, Ethnicity, etc. • Citizen • Local, State, National • Learner/Student—Worker—Retiree • Formal and Informal • Leisure • Hobbies, Sports, Talents, Travel, etc.

  5. Balancing Life Roles --“The Time Evaluator” • Purpose: To help you examine the time you spend on each of your major life roles. You will also assess if you would like to make changes to create a better balance among the roles you consider important. • Instructions: On the row labeled “Current Level,” estimate the amount of time you spend on that life role. Shade in the bar graph up to the level you spend now. Consider whether this is how you want to spend your time or if you would like to better balance your time in this area. Under the “Preferred Level,” shade in the bar graph to reflect how you want to better spend your time.

  6. Key Steps to Balance • Clarify Values • Realistic Goals And Expectations • Figure Out What Is Getting In The Way • Set Priorities And Manage Time

  7. Planning Tools for BALANCING Time

  8. Junior High and 7th Grade What is it? What is it not?

  9. Important Junior High Lingo • Quarter (or Term):The junior high school year is divided into 4 quarters. Each quarter lasts about 45 days. At the end of each quarter students get a report card. • Mid-Term: In the middle of each quarter (or term) teachers give students a midterm report of their grades- a good notice of the good work you are doing or a good warning of what you need to do to improve.

  10. Important Junior High Lingo • Semester:First semester is the half year point in the school year. Second semester goes from the half year point to the end of the school year. Some of your classes are only one semester long. • GPA:Grade Point Average- the average of all the grades you earn in a term. If you work hard and earn all “A” grades in a term, you will have a 4.0 GPA.

  11. Important Junior High Lingo • SEOP/PCCR: Student Education Occupation Plan or Plan for College and Career Readiness. This is a meeting you have with your counselor at least twice a year. One of these meetings we invite your parents to attend. We talk about goals you have for your future and create a plan to help you meet these goals. How well you do in 7th grade can influence your school success in 8th grade and onto graduation from high school.

  12. Key Points • Life Is About Balancing Roles And Demands On Your Time • Goals And Planning Will Help You Balance Well • Enjoy 7th Grade

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